- by Cat Baker

My ECO conversion is inevitable…At one time, the onslaught of attractive and artful Eco – Friendly product was non – existent. Well today, there is a bevy of choices that will convince you as well…I feel my “footprint” shrinking as I type!!! :) A few of our favorites are:

1. ARTLANTIQUE  – “Commode Assane” – Chest of Drawers – Utilizing wood from the vibrant painted fisherman boats found on the banks of West Africa, these ECO furniture pieces will add a “POP” to any decor.

2. NAZLY VILLAMIZAR – Oversized Jute Clutch – Made from a natural fiber grown in Colombia, this jute clutch is perfectly paired with any daytime or evening look.

3. JEA – HYO LEE – Wood Stool – With sculptures ranging from wood and steel to stone and nails, this artist pushes the proverbial envelope in Eco art and furnishings.

4. SARAH HOOD – Spice Jewelry – Infusing the natural world with our daily grind, the Sarah Hood collection introduces a smidgen of peace and serenity with every design.

5. TIMBERLAND – Ringo Starr Collection – Beginning December 1st., through their initiative “Canvas That Cares”, Timberland will auction off 75 pairs of boots featuring Starr’s original peace sign artwork on eBay to benefit international non-profit WaterAid.

6. SIGNICASE – Bamboo M1 Camera Hive – A bamboo casing that can be customized to your specifications, Signicase has cornered the market for being Eco – friendly AND extremely accommodating to your design needs.

7. BURNING TORCH –  Upcycled Striped Skirt – Eco AND cute??? This chevron skirt is certainly that and more…

8. ALCHEMY GOODS – The Mercer – Compiled from bike inner tubes, the Alchemy brand offers numerous messenger bag and accessory options that will keep your personal belongings safe and dry..

OH, MI – SS – OHHH – NI!!!

 - by Cat Baker

WE LOVE IT LONG TIME!!! Yes…Countdown!!! All that ADORE anything Missoni, as I do, should “Save The Date”…September 13th is the debut of the Missoni for Target collaboration. (Aaaahhh!!!) Do you hear that??? The clouds just parted, the sun’s rays peeked through and the choir sang….(Aaaahhh!!!)…You heard it that time right?!?

Yes, the collection contains 400 pieces, from women, men and children’s wear to house decor (tableware, blankets, throw pillows, furniture) to luggage, makeup bags, hair accessories, stationary and a BIKE!!! The list goes on and on….

With the advertising campaign showcasing the heir to the throne, Margherita Missoni, granddaughter of the founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the brand will certainly attract the fashionistas in training and succeed in obtaining new “FAN”atics for the design house.

Now, if we compared this collection to all of the previous designer collaborations, could any of the other’s hold a candle to this one??? Dare I say it…NO. Is this the best one yet??? YES…Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased, being that Missoni is one of my most favorite designers, but I believe most of you would agree.

Either way…I’ll see you there!!!




 - by Cat Baker

For the past few days, the heat has been UNBEARABLE….OPPRESSIVE even…How bad??? 105 degrees in the shade…and that’s just the temperature!!!

Living in the concrete jungle has it perks (museums/ great restaurants/culture/ nightlife), but let’s not forget the negatives…Unfortunately, that same concrete that enables the masses to maneuver through the city with ease also contributes to the higher temperatures and don’t even try to venture in the subway…Union Square??? INTOLERABLE.

Luckily, the weekend usually brings a trek out of the city, whether it’s to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard or Fire Island, being prepared is the first rule of simplistic fashion (in my book anyway…)

Here are a few pieces that will ease the transition from the hustle and bustle to relief, repose and relaxation…

BALENCIAGA – Diam Alphabet Tote – Nice and easy. Large enough to tuck your essentials for the weekend.

KOKIN – Large Brim Floppy Hat – Perfect for the rays…Remember it’s still HOT!!!

TOM FORD – Alessandra  – I LOVE these shades…Oversized for extra protection, from the sun and paparazzi. :)

LANVIN – Studded Sandal – Available in Black and Cognac, this is a simple flat studded with flare. CUTE!!!

PRETTY FRUIT  – Hand Fan – Whether you’re on the beach, deck or porch, this cool blast of air will come in handy.

DIANE VON FURSTENBURG – Miggy Short – Gorgeous prints that coincide with any look, DVF…You can’t go wrong.


 - by Cat Baker

Despite your preference, one thing is for certain, the gold accessory has reemerged with a vengeance!!! It is the quintessential MUST for the season.

Don’t misunderstand, gold supplements have always had its place at the jewelry counter, but in the past few years it’s taken a backseat to the world of “BLING”…The brighter the better right?!?

Well, with the gilded treasure in such abundance, styles and variety run the gamut…From the classic hoop and bangles to contemporary designs, pop art and symbolic pieces, there should be no issues finding a favorite. Check out our picks:

1. PHILLIP STEIN – Large Signature Watch

2. ELIZABETH AND JAMES – Sterling and Gold Scallop Ring

3. NATASHA COUTURE –  70’s Hoop Earrings

4. HEATHER MOORE – Oval and Round Necklace

5. KONSTANTINO – Sterling and Gold Cross

6. LARUICCI – Straight To The Point Ring

7. STATUS GOLD – Sequin Textured Necklace

8. JENNIFER FISHER – Large Flat Cone Earrings

9. CRYPTID – Moat Monster – 3 Finger Ring

10. MARISA PERRY – Marrakesh Button Bangle

11. GOOD CHARMA – Horn Charm Green Onyx Bracelet


 - by Cat Baker

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the articles posted this week was in observance of the international “EARTH/ ECO” celebration. Admittedly, until my research dive into ecological fashion, I had NO idea that there were so many designers and FABULOUS product available in such abundance…

The combination of textiles utilized and the detail in fabrication gives new meaning to “Your trash is someone’s treasure”!!!

Via distinct, modern and state – of – the – art ideas, there are a surplus of methods and perspectives on ECO creations. That said, these are a few that clarified their stance on ECO-wear:

STINE LADEFOGED – Knits – This Danish designer has knitted her way to fashion FAB!!! By assembling different gauges and exploring various techniques, she has created, not only, unique pieces but, a niche for her design.

HERMÈS – Eco Scarf – Just one of the accessories from the “Petit H” collection compiled of defective inventory and design remnants, these necklaces are made of leather scraps and scarf fabric. POUBELLE de LUXE…No?!?

MICHELLE LOWE – HOLDER – Cuff – Handmade from African black and white printed cotton this design is constructed to form an angled cuff with peaks. STUNNING!!!

ELVIS & KRESSE – Bowling Bag – Reminiscent of the “American Tourister” or “Samsonite” bags of the 70’s and compiled of de – commissioned British fire hoses, this bag is something that would add a significant POP to any handbag collection…HOT!!! (Excuse the pun). :)

MELISSA PLASTIC – Gaetano Pesce – Made from recycled plastic in Brazil, this “transformer” of a shoe incorporates a design of molded plastic circles connecting at the edges. Wanna change it??? Grab some scissors and tailor it to your specifications… From boots to ballerina flats. CUTE!!!


 - by Cat Baker

The inclusion of textiles in the ecological realm, in which, the average person would toss in the trash, has proven to be literal works of functional art.

With the superabundance of product from shelving, tableware, seating and aperture, the ECO design community demands the attention to the cause, whether from believers OR non – believers.

When it comes to home comfort…These are a few that struck us as awe inspiring:

ERIC GUIOMAR – Round Bookcase – Made from cardboard, the structure resembles sculpture…Form and function, how AVANT – GARDE…

TIN SCULPTURE – Simba/ Hippo/ Milla/ Swala – Handmade art from recycled metals in Zimbabwe. BEAUTIFUL!!!

DOHA CHEBIB – Log Bowls – A new twist on tableware, Canadian designer, Doha, creates an extraordinary idea with wood and acrylic stain. Now THAT’s original!!!

VELICHKO VELIKOV – Elaxa Chair – Paying homage to the infamous THONET design, this ECO gem is compiled of bentwood and metallic joints…The end result?!? Innovation.


 - by Cat Baker

From simplistic fabrics and basic designs to pushing the envelope and thinking out of the box, it’s official, the ECO – Friendly world has come a long way!!!

Through research, I’ve discovered a plethora of designers, world renowned and new to the market, that are well on their way to making the transition to ECO domination…

46664 – The Nelson Mandela apparel line – With ECO at the forefront of Mr. Mandela’s new venture, the brand includes both women and men collections detailed with intricate and gorgeous prints.

iWOOD ECODESIGN – Zebrawood sunglasses – Made from reclaimed exotic woods used for private jets??? Just relaying the story behind the frames will earn ECO points…FAB!!!

WeWOOD – Chrono Watch (Brown) – With a catalog of various styles, this is a sleek and beautiful way to keep time with your ECO focus. Partnering with the American Forests organization, with every watch purchased…A tree is planted. WONDERFUL.

SILVA – Bamboo Macbook Case – Handcrafted, chic and ridiculously stylish, this will definitely attract gawkers who are wondering what you’re carrying encased in wood…Attention and ECO Friendly??? The perfect formula to convince the non-converted to jump on the ecological bandwagon. LOVE!!!


 - by Cat Baker

Spring is just a week or so away and the winter to warm weather wardrobe transition is such a chore, but the mixing of the two during the changeover can be fun and fashionable.

Personally, for me, layering is the key…After all, you never know when the climate will shift. (Here on the East Coast anyway…:)

First step, choose a jacket that will compensate, NOT fluctuate the body temperature. I always pack a scarf to be prepared for the unexpected brisk breeze, a hat so I don’t have to worry about haphazard hair, rock one piece of chunky jewelry, strut in my most comfortable cowboy boots and complete the look with a crossbody bag to carry all the essentials.

These are some of my favorites:

BETMER – Nautical Cap – Classic.

PAMELA LOVE –  Sterling Knuckle Ring – Her name says it all…LOVE!!!

CHARLOTTE SPARRE – Scarf – Perfect “POP” of color.

GREG LAUREN – Tailback Jacket – A military duffle bag??? Ingenious. I’m “Vested”…

GOLDEN GOOSE – 107 Short – Studded, Rugged and Worn…Cute.

PROENZA SCHOULER – PS1 Mini Croc Crossbody Bag – In yellow ocher??? YUM…


 - by Cat Baker

When it comes to my husband, I always have the same question when holidays roll around…What do you buy for a man that has basically everything???

Well, since today is Valentine’s day, I decided to “turn the tables” on a few items but still give him a “man” gift. Hey, I figure men deserve flowers and sweets sometimes too and they probably like the change from socks and ties…Right???

My choices:

TELEFLORA – Purple Tulips – How chic!!!

MARC JACOBS – BANG – Free and electifying, sexy and alluring. It’s an explosive threesome of peppercorns wrapped in warm sensual woods. Mmmmm…

SENNHEISER – RS120 Headphones – Wireless listening system that allows you to enjoy premium audio from your TV or hi-fi system – without being tied down! Perfect reception through ceilings and walls up to 328 feet.

VEGAN TREATS – Danielle Konya has created the sweetest niche in the vegan bakery arena…My favorite??? The Black Bottom Cream Cheese Cupcake. Whoa!!!


 - by Cat Baker

We’ve endured a snow storm every week since the New Year and there’s no end in sight!!! After all, it’s still January…Are you prepared???

With the howling winds, knee high snow, not to mention streets and corners overrun with water and ice, it’s a must to have the proper accessories for the elements.

The basics??? A perfect pair of shades/goggles to protect from the swirling air, scarf, gloves, legwarmers to warm appendages (hands, arms, legs) and snow boots for waterproof feet.

Don’t give the weather a chance to alter your FAB day!!! Our choices???

MISSONI – Crochet Zig -Zag Scarf

GUCCI – Snow Goggles

BYTE by TESO – Fur Cuff Arm Warmer

FREE PEOPLE – Leg Warmer

SEARLE – Tecnica Water Proof Sestriere


 - by Cat Baker

Regardless of the ups and downs of day to day hustle and bustle, there is one indulgence that I consider a staple to complete any look, perfume. Honestly, for me, a scent is mood altering…Sounds crazy, but it’s oh so true!!!

In my collection, there are many perfumes and oils, but only a few that are mainstays. For winter, I crave warm scents and two of my favorites are BOND No. 9 – Astor Place (and many others, the choices are SUPERB…) and THIERRY MUGLER’s Angel.

BOND No. 9 – ASTOR PLACE – Notes: Violet Leaf, Mandarin Zest, Freesia, Red poppy buds, Iris Root, Teakwood, Musk and Amber

THIERRY MUGLER – ANGEL – Notes: Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin


 - by Cat Baker

Yes…The new year has arrived and so have the resolutions…Which one is the most popular??? Getting into shape.

As you know, there are a plethora of ways to sculpt your frame back into your idea of the perfect shape. So, while sweating out the holiday calories you should be comfortable, entertained, incorporate a backup plan and have fun!!!

That said, the following are some of my favorites that will hopefully keep you on your resolution path:

NIKE – Nike Tech Running Capris/ Nike Free Run – soooooo comfortable!!!

AEROMAT BALL CHAIR – Ergonomic seating combines the benefits of exercise fitness ball and a rolling base. A desk chair, perfect for the missed workout.

ZUMBA FITNESS – Are you ready to party yourself into shape? It’s exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow and Latin-inspired.

BEATS BY DRE – Just when you’re getting in the zone and pushing past the pain…What happens? Your earbuds fall out and you have to regroup and start again…Annoying right??? Well, Powerbeats Sport headphones are designed to stay securely in place, no matter how hard you work out.


 - by Cat Baker

Well, all good things must come to an end…Luckily, all ends succumb to new beginnings. Goodbye 2010…HELLO 2011.

Ring in the new year in as you always do…STYLISHLY!!!

HERVE LEGER – Foil Print Dress

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Boulima Exclusive d’Orsay Pumps

HOUSE OF WARIS – Flame Bracelet

FENDI – Mini Border Line Sequin Clutch


You can find these and a plethora of other goodies at:




 - by Cat Baker

Trekking through record low temperatures from the East to West Coast has been exhausting…Especially when it’s not OFFICIALLY Winter yet!!!

Are you wishing for Spring and Summer weather like I am??? Maybe a quick Caribbean or Hawaiian getaway…Hmmm.

Well, wherever you land, do it in style during your R & R…

MICHAEL KORS – Twist Waist Shirtdress

MAYA BAG – Handmade In Belize


KAREN WALKER – “The Village” Frames


 - by Cat Baker

Whether for a birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas, all men appreciate gifts once in a blue moon. In any case, technology, accessories (travel or personal) and an occasional spa day will always brighten his mood. Hey, your thoughtfulness may lead to extra goodies for you.

BEATS BY DR. DRE – My husband LOVES these earphones. For a little extra punch you can customize through CRYSTAL ROC…(for a price, of course).

AUDEMARS PIGUET – Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix Chronograph Watch

SAMSONITE – Alexander McQueen Collection – Carry On Luggage