AMA 2011 – HIT OR QUIT???

 - by Cat Baker

At the American Music Awards last night, nobody rocked the boat on the red carpet. There was plenty of prim and proper and an equal amount of frivolity to keep it interesting…Who hit it or should have quit it???

JENNY McCARTHY – Though often hilarious, she looked perfectly quaint and demure in her purple ensemble. HIT!!!

PHOEBE PRICE – Who?!? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I don’t know who she is, but trust me Phoebe…Less is MORE. No bueno…QUIT!!!

KIMBERLY PERRY – From “The Band Perry”, known for her rock and country mix, looked neither glamorous or eclectic in this frock. “Plain Jane” is not the word nor is “Over the Top”. The mark was simply…Missed. QUIT!!!

AMY HEIDEMANN – The “Karmin” member looked perfect!!! Platform pumps…Horizontal patterned mini…Pops of jewel tones. Too CUTE. HIT!!!


 - by Cat Baker

Today the judge for Lindsay Lohan’s probation hearing decided that enough was enough…

After countless chances to make a change, the starlet’s probation has been revoked and according to TMZ, she was promptly led away in handcuffs. Notwithstanding, she has already posted bail, but come November 2nd, that may not be an option…

Her possible prison sentence??? 18 months.




 - by Cat Baker

The debut collection of the periodically controversial rhyme savant was all abuzz. Long awaited, KANYE WEST, who executed a stint at Louis Vuitton as a design intern, presented his variation of what the fashion savvy should sport for the 2012 S/S season.

The Spring looks were indelible…Plunging necklines, Cropped trousers, Slouch tops…Beautiful fabrication.

Regarding the fashion calendar, the collection teetered between Winter and Spring, but hey, in May, when it’s warm and sunny in New York City, it’s cool and clear in Anchorage…Perfect for a smidge of leather or a touch of fur. But, we think “central” (U.S./ Europe), so would the looks work for our climate??? No.

But, keep in mind, Mr. West seems to be ten steps ahead in his music, so he may be privy to information we DON’T have regarding fashion…You never know when “Niño” will blow through…And who will be flying off the shelves??? You got it!!!



 - by Cat Baker

The VMA red carpet showcased celebrities donning some of their best looks for the summer’s hottest event. The majority were primped and polished for the evening’s festivities…Others???

We respect the effort and the “just having fun” sentiment, but the mark was missed…If they were trying to make a statement, it was lost in translation…

These celebs top our list as the VMA 2011 “DREADFULLY DRESSED” list:

KATY PERRY – Singer – What exactly is she going for here??? Geisha girl??? Purple Hair

KREAYSHAWN – Rapper – There are no words…

DEENA CORTESE – Reality TV – Jersey Shore  – Really…Rainbow Bright???

NICKI MINAJ– Rapper – What in the WORLD?!? She just looks confused.


 - by Cat Baker

At the VMA’s this evening Beyoncé, AKA “Sasha Fierce”, looked absolutely STUNNING in an asymmetric Lanvin coral gown  from the current 2011 collection. Her surprise??? A bundle of joy coming in the next few months…

This will be the first child for the couple who married in 2008. Congratulations!!!



 - by Cat Baker

Last night was the Colombiana premiere and although I ADORE Zoe Saldana AND Balmain (and can’t wait to check out the movie)…sometimes two “Gorgeous” entities just don’t coagulate to pull off FAB. What’s the problem here??? Is it:

  1. The dress???
  2. Ms. Saldana??? OR…
  3. WRONG event???

My pick??? Number 3…She looks wonderful, but my opinion…Wrong place…Wrong Time. What do you think???

Update: LOVED the movie!!! A MUST SEE.



 - by Cat Baker

Flouncing in a black and white Moschino look, Zooey Deschanel hit the red carpet for the “Our Idiot Brother” premiere.

I’m on the fence with this one…In some images, I LOVE the dress and all it’s details…In others, it looks like a clown costume. Could it be that her neck is not long enough to pull off the layered collar??? Maybe.

Is this a “HIT”??? Or a “QUIT”???


 - by Cat Baker

For the little “Monsters” that live and breathe all things GAGA, this will certainly brighten your day!!!

The Holiday 2011 campaign for Barneys New York will showcase the Lady herself in an installation designated “GAGA’S WORKSHOP”. The collaboration includes Lady GAGA, Nicola Formichetti (LOVE him), the infamous fashion stylist and current Mugler creative director and artists duo (Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson)  from AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus).

Similar to the advertising artwork created for the project, the exclusive gift items, will be just as eclectic and utopian.  An entire floor will house GAGA’S WORKSHOP at the flagship store from November through January 2nd. There will also be various items found at other Barneys New York locales and their company website.

Additionally, in true philanthropic Lady GAGA fashion, Barneys New York will donate 25% of sales from all items featured in GAGA’S WORKSHOP to a charity of her choice.

The Queen “Monster” & Barneys New York??? I foresee lines around the block…’TIS THE SEASON!!!




 - by Cat Baker

The Teen Choice Awards were filled with debauchery, mischief and harmless fun. But, the starlets mixed up their fashion with various silhouettes that complimented their figures and sense of style. These are a few that SHINED!!!

NINA DOBREV – With a cinched waisted and layered skirt, this dress fits the “Vampire Diaries” star to a tee. Fun, frilly and inundated with it’s striped pattern, this was the perfect choice…CUTE!!!

RAVEN SYMONÉ– Touting a fitted, one button blazer, cropped pants and platform pumps, the svelte & FAB actress is in a “state” of NEW…She has a new sitcom “State of Georgia”, new figure and the sweetest disposition of almost anyone I’ve ever met…It was an absolute pleasure working with her, here in NYC and LA.

BLAKE LIVELY – Lined in tangerine leather and leopard Louboutins, Blake Lively, the “Gossip Girl”  added a “POP” of color and effortless elegance to the “Blue” carpet.


 - by Cat Baker

I’m still shocked…Yes, she was known to be a heavy drug user but, I always thought she would conquer her demons and share her story of how she overcame through her music.

Inconceivably talented and implausibly troubled…Unfortunately, it was not meant to be…My hope is that she’s finally at rest.

I look forward to her duet with Tony Bennett scheduled for a September release date and a possible compilation album.



 - by Cat Baker

Queen of the “Little Monsters”, Lady GAGA, touched down in China and similar to her world presence, it’s caused a frenzy among her devout fans…

As promised, she is still flouncing in Versace, but this one seemed to be channeling Ms. Cruella De Vil  herself…(but with leopard spots, of course).

I’m not sure when her month of “Versace Looks ONLY” began…but it’s a perfect segue for Donatella, isn’t it???…



 - by Cat Baker

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival kicked off a few days ago and the main event for me (the red carpet fashion processions), was rather subdued…There was no particular look that knocked me over but a couple came close..

SALMA HAYEK – Wearing Gucci, the actress is stunning in this fitted bodice with dramatic pleated draped skirt…But really, what does Salma NOT look good in???

CHERYL COLE – Flaunting a drop dead gorgeous, long sleeved, dare to be risque V- neck number with embellished belt and small train, the songstress and judge on Simon Cowell’s, “THE X FACTOR”, stopped traffic with this gown.


 - by Cat Baker

To showcase spectacular presentations every year at fashion week is a feat in itself. But the geniuses in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen (R.I.P), etc., do it like only they can…

True, they all have their unique approach, but equally they still end at the same location…Drama. The current show is one that we’re certain John Galliano would like to drop the curtain, turn up the house lights and yell “CUT!!!!!”

As with any racial remark disparaging a culture, it’s a harsh and horrible antisemitic rant that has drudged memories of a deplorable time.  Regardless of the outcome, his reputation as a fashion prodigy will never be questioned, but his actions will forever damage his credibility as a human being.