- by Cat Baker

The preeminent works of artist Rex Ray is obviously striking and invariably innovative. Whether on canvas, wood, cd covers or tile his derivative signature will confirm his identity every time.

Based in San Francisco, his artisan talents as a graphic designer and painter have catapulted him to the international stage. His works have spanned from museums, exhibitions and galleries to media (Sony Music, Apple, Dreamworks, Rizzoli, etc.) and a tile collaboration with Modwalls.

The creation of abstract collages, print works, paintings and photography have a contemporary feel with hipster refinement. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!




 - by Cat Baker

My ECO conversion is inevitable…At one time, the onslaught of attractive and artful Eco – Friendly product was non – existent. Well today, there is a bevy of choices that will convince you as well…I feel my “footprint” shrinking as I type!!! :) A few of our favorites are:

1. ARTLANTIQUE  – “Commode Assane” – Chest of Drawers – Utilizing wood from the vibrant painted fisherman boats found on the banks of West Africa, these ECO furniture pieces will add a “POP” to any decor.

2. NAZLY VILLAMIZAR – Oversized Jute Clutch – Made from a natural fiber grown in Colombia, this jute clutch is perfectly paired with any daytime or evening look.

3. JEA – HYO LEE – Wood Stool – With sculptures ranging from wood and steel to stone and nails, this artist pushes the proverbial envelope in Eco art and furnishings.

4. SARAH HOOD – Spice Jewelry – Infusing the natural world with our daily grind, the Sarah Hood collection introduces a smidgen of peace and serenity with every design.

5. TIMBERLAND – Ringo Starr Collection – Beginning December 1st., through their initiative “Canvas That Cares”, Timberland will auction off 75 pairs of boots featuring Starr’s original peace sign artwork on eBay to benefit international non-profit WaterAid.

6. SIGNICASE – Bamboo M1 Camera Hive – A bamboo casing that can be customized to your specifications, Signicase has cornered the market for being Eco – friendly AND extremely accommodating to your design needs.

7. BURNING TORCH –  Upcycled Striped Skirt – Eco AND cute??? This chevron skirt is certainly that and more…

8. ALCHEMY GOODS – The Mercer – Compiled from bike inner tubes, the Alchemy brand offers numerous messenger bag and accessory options that will keep your personal belongings safe and dry..


 - by Cat Baker

Regardless of the size or layout of your home, one should always possess at least one piece of furniture that strikes up a dynamic conversation. Here a few that will surely get the dinner party started:

1. EJ BESPOKE FURNITURE – Sideboard Bespoke – The quality and attention to detail that Edward Johnson evokes within every inch of his designs allows you to imagine the origins of furniture construction. Catering to his clients every whim, the end result is magnanimous and with his trademark biometric fingerprint cast in sterling silver, dated and hallmarked an EJ Bespoke original will be a beautiful addition to any room in the home.

2. MICHAEL TSINZOVSKY – Stools – Just the right “POP” for the living room or office. Tsinzovsky, the Belzalel Academy of Arts and Design student, has made an international splash by incorporating Islamic art (i.e., Arabesque) and inlaid patterns. Utilizing metals and wood, the collection includes chairs, tables and stools.

3. MÁXIMO RIERA – Rhino Chair – Talk about a conversation…The “Animal” chair series by Máximo Riera was undoubtedly designed to grab your attention. If you think this is something, check out his other “Animals” which include an Octopus/ Lion/ Walrus/ Beetle and Whale…

4. WERNER AISSLINGER – Tree Lamp – Resembling a sculptural topiary, Mr. Aisslinger’s light fixture is available in floor and suspension models and are coated with a reflective surface inside the lamp shade which reflects the light via the shape and angles incorporated in the design.

5. ANDREW MARTIN – Livingstone Steamer Trunk – Infused with leather/ wood and metal, this steamer trunk is fully functional as a side table and extra storage. With a whiff of yesteryear, the trunk screams antique with a twist of modernism.

6. MISO SOUP DESIGN – The pOrOus Chair – How fun is this piece??? Available in various hues, the discussion will be an obvious one…A bit eccentric both in design and aesthetic, but that’s the point…Right?!?

7. PHILIPPE STARCK – Floor Mirror – What’s the easiest way to enlarge a space??? Add a mirror, of course…The bigger, the better. The Philippe Starck floor mirror will make your small condo space, that you’ve complained about since day one, TREMENDOUS…Instantly. Enjoy!!!


 - by Cat Baker

With cool, brisk weather right around the corner, we’ve found a few comfort pieces for the home that will allow you to unwind from your stressful work week.

MALIN + GOETZ – Otto Candle – A collection of complementary natural notes (grapefruit/ cardamom/ geranium/ rose/ oakmoss/ vetiver) that soothe the mind and enhances the environment.

BARNEYS – Mondrian Throw – Cashmere blanket designed with a reversible mondrian pattern and fringed hem…Cozy perfection.

ALBERTO SANCHEZ– Leaf Swing – Talk about relaxation…A sunny day, leaves falling, your mom yelling, “Finish Raking the Leaves!!!” and quick a “Swing” break to shake up the monotony of your workload. Remember the relaxation??? Inspired by Autumn leaves, this leaf swing can be used for both interior and exterior spaces. Ahhh, memories…

ALVIN TJITROWIRJO – Snug Lounge Chair – With it’s easy conversion from chair to rocker, this leather bound, futuristic, half pod masterpiece is one that would cause you to lose track of time. Yes…In my household, this lounger can ONLY be used when I have absolutely nothing to do!!! It looks WAAAAY to comfortable. Hey…But, that’s what weekends are for…RIGHT???


 - by Cat Baker

MOOOI creations are statement pieces that enhance the decor of any home…Regardless of the size, be it a desk clock or an eight foot lamp, each item will provide it’s unique splash to the mix.

Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, the brand is named after their native Dutch word for beautiful. Inundated with various finds for every nook of the house, the Moooi collection is just that…”COLLECTIBLES”.

GOTHIC CHAIR – Yellow trimmed with silver studding, this chair comes in an array of colors for any home pallette.

SOFT CLOCK – Silver – Also available in black and gold, the timepiece, reminiscent of a vintage find, is a perfect accessory for the desk or fireplace.

CHESS TABLE – Who wouldn’t want this pop of art in their space…White, black and memorable.

BRAVE NEW WORLD LAMP XL – Standing just above 8 feet tall, the name says it all…



 - by Cat Baker

If you are a “SUCKER” (excuse the pun : -)…I mean a FANatic for artists that push the envelope and create unique and unbelievably cool works, then you MUST pick up the “LOLLI-POP” coffee table book created by photographer Massimo Gammacurta.

Massimo is an award winning photographer known for thinking out of the box and has proven time and time again that he can deliver. Last year he contacted me regarding a test project that he wanted to shoot from a zany idea that he dreamed up…He asked if I would collaborate with him to create lollipops with popular brands. Hmmmm…Interesting.

From our history of working together, I knew it would be MOMENTOUS…But, I had NO idea it would turn into a bestselling coffee table book, solo gallery exhibition in Paris and accolades from the famous brands featured…

Massimo…You did it again!!! FAVOLOSO.

Massimo Gammacurta –


 - by Cat Baker

If you’re like me, it’s a pleasure to have friends and family around during the summer and a weekend bar – b – que is the best time to connect and have some fun in the sun.

This year, instead of using the standard paper plates, we opted to pick up some vibrant tableware to brighten up the festivities. These are a few that caught our eye:

CRATE & BARREL – Flower Plate/ Citronella Candle/ Granada Pitcher w/ Glasses/ Raya Chip and Dip Bowl

BED BATH & BEYOND – Round Placemat

THE WOOL WORLD – Napkin Holders

THE WORKS by SIA – Cloche Picnic Food Tent


 - by Cat Baker

The inclusion of textiles in the ecological realm, in which, the average person would toss in the trash, has proven to be literal works of functional art.

With the superabundance of product from shelving, tableware, seating and aperture, the ECO design community demands the attention to the cause, whether from believers OR non – believers.

When it comes to home comfort…These are a few that struck us as awe inspiring:

ERIC GUIOMAR – Round Bookcase – Made from cardboard, the structure resembles sculpture…Form and function, how AVANT – GARDE…

TIN SCULPTURE – Simba/ Hippo/ Milla/ Swala – Handmade art from recycled metals in Zimbabwe. BEAUTIFUL!!!

DOHA CHEBIB – Log Bowls – A new twist on tableware, Canadian designer, Doha, creates an extraordinary idea with wood and acrylic stain. Now THAT’s original!!!

VELICHKO VELIKOV – Elaxa Chair – Paying homage to the infamous THONET design, this ECO gem is compiled of bentwood and metallic joints…The end result?!? Innovation.


 - by Cat Baker

While visiting family, I saw the most beautiful, intricate greeting cards that, in my opinion, would go for at least $8 – $10 dollars in Target…Obviously curious, when I flipped the card over, expecting to see Hallmark and an outrageous price tag, I was stunned to see an organization instead…

The Operation Write Home association is compiled of thousands of designers that create handmade blank cards, for troops located in hot spots around the world, to send home to family and friends. Since 2007, the coalition has sent hundreds of thousands of greeting cards abroad to our men and women serving and protecting our country.

In these times of war, recession, political unrest and natural disasters, it’s inspiring to see a small idea balloon to a successful venture to brighten lives on both ends of the war spectrum.


ANDY JAY’S PLACE – Featured Card


 - by Cat Baker

While strolling through SOHO today and the cacophony of city traffic, I came upon KARKULA, a home store with an array of eclectic designers that add sophistication to their diversified palettes.

From chairs and sofas to lighting and flooring to art or door knobs and knockers, the selection is massive. Here are some of my favorite pieces:


BEIGERT & FUNK –  QlockTwo – About the coolest clock ever!!!

FRITZ HANSEN – 3300 Series Sofa…Simply MOD…

GRATZ ARCHIVES – TG – 15 Lounge Chair – Iconic…

SUSAN WEINTHALER – “BITS” Series – The ability to adjust your art…Keenly sensational…


 - by Cat Baker

YES…Only two weeks before the official day of Spring!!! So, we’ve been thinking of little things to spruce up your living space short of replacing all your furniture. These are some of our picks:

PRO FLOWERS – What’s the easiest way to keep fresh flowers in the home??? Join a flower of the month program. Bouquets are delivered monthly, each shipped overnight and come fresh from the fields. Lovely.

BACCARAT – Eye Vase – To hold your monthly delivery of bouquets, in lead crystal, of course…

ILLUME – White Sands Candle – Bring a fresh scent in with the new Spring breeze…

JONATHAN ADLER – Mod “PEACE” Footstool…What’s the number one wish when one walks into their home??? “Peace” and quiet… One of the best ways to relax is to put your feet up after a long day via the footstool.


 - by Cat Baker

When it comes to my husband, I always have the same question when holidays roll around…What do you buy for a man that has basically everything???

Well, since today is Valentine’s day, I decided to “turn the tables” on a few items but still give him a “man” gift. Hey, I figure men deserve flowers and sweets sometimes too and they probably like the change from socks and ties…Right???

My choices:

TELEFLORA – Purple Tulips – How chic!!!

MARC JACOBS – BANG – Free and electifying, sexy and alluring. It’s an explosive threesome of peppercorns wrapped in warm sensual woods. Mmmmm…

SENNHEISER – RS120 Headphones – Wireless listening system that allows you to enjoy premium audio from your TV or hi-fi system – without being tied down! Perfect reception through ceilings and walls up to 328 feet.

VEGAN TREATS – Danielle Konya has created the sweetest niche in the vegan bakery arena…My favorite??? The Black Bottom Cream Cheese Cupcake. Whoa!!!


 - by Cat Baker

This work of art is known as the half – dollar butterfly chair designed by the infamous Johnny Swing.

A trained sculptor and licensed welder, the Vermont-based artist uses refurbished materials and molds them into a myriad of variations (art, furniture, lighting, etc.)

This particular piece is constructed of 1,500 half dollars and 7,000 welds. The amount of man hours to assemble this must be ASTRONOMICAL!!!




 - by Cat Baker

The MC2 Design Lab is in the business of creating and conforming art that doubles as functional contemporary furniture.

This feat is a tremendous accomplishment, due to the uncomfortable nature of most ultramodern pieces.

Along with their eloquent work, the tag team of Miller and Cmehil possess rich resumés and experiences that are even more impressive.

Creating a foothold for themselves, MC2 are a formidable and forward thinking design team…

Form…Furniture..The Future…