Buffed Lips Anyone? ALOETTE – Soothe ‘N Smooth

 - by Cat Baker

You know when it’s cold outside, but hot and dry in the house? The end result in that combination is dry skin and my lips would be the first place that I noticed the problem. The dry and cracked after effects… Uggghh!!! I hated it…Well, a couple of years ago, I found this lip buffer that fixed that problem immediately…

Aloette – Soothe ‘N Smooth: For kissably soft lips, try Soothe n Smooth Lip Balm and Lip Exfoliator, an extraordinary two-in-one lip balm and lip exfoliator. The soothing lip balm locks in moisture to protect and soften lips, while the smooth lip exfoliator scrub works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove waxy lipstick buildup.