- by Cat Baker

All jewelry armoire’s should possess one or two statement pieces that are big, bold and display bizarre bliss. (i.e., a piece that catches and holds ones attention)…

Some ideal picks are those that are eco – friendly (wood / precious stones / metals)… But even if they do not tote the “ECO” moniker, they should still be flawless, fashionable and FABulous, of course… :)

Below are jewelry designer collections that fit the bill. Peruse their sites, get an idea of what you like and feel would look great and while window shopping look for that “STATEMENT” piece that represents you.


PATRICIA VON MUSULIN – Lucite Square Bracelet – www.patriciavonmusulin.com

IRADJ MOINI – Amethyst and Topaz Necklace – www.iradjmoini.com

CHRISTINE J. BRANDT – Purple Snow Crocus – www.christinejbrandt.com

RUFF AND CUT – Boulder Cluster – www.ruffandcut.com