- by Cat Baker

We’ve endured a snow storm every week since the New Year and there’s no end in sight!!! After all, it’s still January…Are you prepared???

With the howling winds, knee high snow, not to mention streets and corners overrun with water and ice, it’s a must to have the proper accessories for the elements.

The basics??? A perfect pair of shades/goggles to protect from the swirling air, scarf, gloves, legwarmers to warm appendages (hands, arms, legs) and snow boots for waterproof feet.

Don’t give the weather a chance to alter your FAB day!!! Our choices???

MISSONI – Crochet Zig -Zag Scarf

GUCCI – Snow Goggles

BYTE by TESO – Fur Cuff Arm Warmer

FREE PEOPLE – Leg Warmer

SEARLE – Tecnica Water Proof Sestriere