- by Cat Baker

Despite your preference, one thing is for certain, the gold accessory has reemerged with a vengeance!!! It is the quintessential MUST for the season.

Don’t misunderstand, gold supplements have always had its place at the jewelry counter, but in the past few years it’s taken a backseat to the world of “BLING”…The brighter the better right?!?

Well, with the gilded treasure in such abundance, styles and variety run the gamut…From the classic hoop and bangles to contemporary designs, pop art and symbolic pieces, there should be no issues finding a favorite. Check out our picks:

1. PHILLIP STEIN – Large Signature Watch

2. ELIZABETH AND JAMES – Sterling and Gold Scallop Ring

3. NATASHA COUTURE –  70’s Hoop Earrings

4. HEATHER MOORE – Oval and Round Necklace

5. KONSTANTINO – Sterling and Gold Cross

6. LARUICCI – Straight To The Point Ring

7. STATUS GOLD – Sequin Textured Necklace

8. JENNIFER FISHER – Large Flat Cone Earrings

9. CRYPTID – Moat Monster – 3 Finger Ring

10. MARISA PERRY – Marrakesh Button Bangle

11. GOOD CHARMA – Horn Charm Green Onyx Bracelet