- by Cat Baker










Since April is considered the “official” month for flowers and showers, we’ve decided to begin our Spring cleaning with one of the most important organs we possess…Our skin.

Due to the new season, we would like to start anew…Fresh face and body, supple lips, pops of color for our nails and light, sweet scents for our daily sashay. These products have set the scene in motion:

1. GUERLAIN – Super Aqua Day – Light, fresh, invigorating…The simple pleasures of beaming, beautiful skin.

2. L’OCCITANE – Touting a mix of tangy and sweet, this lip balm will keep your luscious lips soft, supple and ready for action.

3. PACIFICA – Mediterranean Fig – A luxurious Sandalwood base, with a blend of sweet Fig, Palm, Cyclamen, Moss and Clove. Yum…Yum.

4. KIKI de MONTPARNASSE –  Dry Body Oil – I stumbled on this product while rambling through my friends cabinet searching for a moisturizer that wasn’t too overpowering. With a balance of the light scent and the oxymoron “dry oil” moniker (which is so true), it is PERFECT.

5. SALLY HANSEN – Salon Effects – “Collide – O – Scope” – Due to my pregnancy and the overbearing smells of nail salons in the past few months, the Salon Effects product by Sally Hansen has been my refuge from boring clean nails. Fabulous designs!!! LOVE.

6. HELLO KITTY – Noir Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss Palette – With 25 eyeshadows and 10 lip gloss selections, you’re covered from morning, noon and night.

7.  CLARINS – Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate – Since being pregnant, there are very few scents that I can endure, be it shower gel, lotions or even deodorant. A friend suggested the Clarins brand and the fresh clean scent was the prescription for my sensitive nose woes.