- by Cat Baker

When attending any collection presentation, you must zone in on all details. (i.e., clothing, handbag, jewelry, shoes)

Usually, with a Bottega Veneta show, I tend to focus on the craftmanship of the accessories than the accompanying garment worn by the models. But, that’s due to my insatiable need for the FAB bag and equally GORGE shoe…..(btw….GORGE = GORGEOUS)….I know, it’s an issue… :)

And, let’s face it, when viewing Bottega Veneta….You just can’t help it!!

But, with this collection, it covered so many facets of a woman’s closet that you were drawn to the garment. From work to play, the presentation focused on the various points and responsibilities that a woman undertake and in turn, decided to ensure her style would be fluid from beginning to end.