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Today the judge for Lindsay Lohan’s probation hearing decided that enough was enough…

After countless chances to make a change, the starlet’s probation has been revoked and according to TMZ, she was promptly led away in handcuffs. Notwithstanding, she has already posted bail, but come November 2nd, that may not be an option…

Her possible prison sentence??? 18 months.




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If a picture is worth a THOUSAND words, how much is three worth…Need I say more?!?



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The VMA red carpet showcased celebrities donning some of their best looks for the summer’s hottest event. The majority were primped and polished for the evening’s festivities…Others???

We respect the effort and the “just having fun” sentiment, but the mark was missed…If they were trying to make a statement, it was lost in translation…

These celebs top our list as the VMA 2011 “DREADFULLY DRESSED” list:

KATY PERRY – Singer – What exactly is she going for here??? Geisha girl??? Purple Hair

KREAYSHAWN – Rapper – There are no words…

DEENA CORTESE – Reality TV – Jersey Shore  – Really…Rainbow Bright???

NICKI MINAJ– Rapper – What in the WORLD?!? She just looks confused.


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At the VMA’s this evening Beyoncé, AKA “Sasha Fierce”, looked absolutely STUNNING in an asymmetric Lanvin coral gown  from the current 2011 collection. Her surprise??? A bundle of joy coming in the next few months…

This will be the first child for the couple who married in 2008. Congratulations!!!



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Last night was the Colombiana premiere and although I ADORE Zoe Saldana AND Balmain (and can’t wait to check out the movie)…sometimes two “Gorgeous” entities just don’t coagulate to pull off FAB. What’s the problem here??? Is it:

  1. The dress???
  2. Ms. Saldana??? OR…
  3. WRONG event???

My pick??? Number 3…She looks wonderful, but my opinion…Wrong place…Wrong Time. What do you think???

Update: LOVED the movie!!! A MUST SEE.



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Flouncing in a black and white Moschino look, Zooey Deschanel hit the red carpet for the “Our Idiot Brother” premiere.

I’m on the fence with this one…In some images, I LOVE the dress and all it’s details…In others, it looks like a clown costume. Could it be that her neck is not long enough to pull off the layered collar??? Maybe.

Is this a “HIT”??? Or a “QUIT”???


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The Teen Choice Awards were filled with debauchery, mischief and harmless fun. But, the starlets mixed up their fashion with various silhouettes that complimented their figures and sense of style. These are a few that SHINED!!!

NINA DOBREV – With a cinched waisted and layered skirt, this dress fits the “Vampire Diaries” star to a tee. Fun, frilly and inundated with it’s striped pattern, this was the perfect choice…CUTE!!!

RAVEN SYMONÉ– Touting a fitted, one button blazer, cropped pants and platform pumps, the svelte & FAB actress is in a “state” of NEW…She has a new sitcom “State of Georgia”, new figure and the sweetest disposition of almost anyone I’ve ever met…It was an absolute pleasure working with her, here in NYC and LA.

BLAKE LIVELY – Lined in tangerine leather and leopard Louboutins, Blake Lively, the “Gossip Girl”  added a “POP” of color and effortless elegance to the “Blue” carpet.


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Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Miami last night, looking FABULOUS in a vibrant long sleeved PUCCI lounge dress.


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I’m still shocked…Yes, she was known to be a heavy drug user but, I always thought she would conquer her demons and share her story of how she overcame through her music.

Inconceivably talented and implausibly troubled…Unfortunately, it was not meant to be…My hope is that she’s finally at rest.

I look forward to her duet with Tony Bennett scheduled for a September release date and a possible compilation album.



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Queen of the “Little Monsters”, Lady GAGA, touched down in China and similar to her world presence, it’s caused a frenzy among her devout fans…

As promised, she is still flouncing in Versace, but this one seemed to be channeling Ms. Cruella De Vil  herself…(but with leopard spots, of course).

I’m not sure when her month of “Versace Looks ONLY” began…but it’s a perfect segue for Donatella, isn’t it???…



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The 2011 Cannes Film Festival kicked off a few days ago and the main event for me (the red carpet fashion processions), was rather subdued…There was no particular look that knocked me over but a couple came close..

SALMA HAYEK – Wearing Gucci, the actress is stunning in this fitted bodice with dramatic pleated draped skirt…But really, what does Salma NOT look good in???

CHERYL COLE – Flaunting a drop dead gorgeous, long sleeved, dare to be risque V- neck number with embellished belt and small train, the songstress and judge on Simon Cowell’s, “THE X FACTOR”, stopped traffic with this gown.


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Recording artist PINK, graced everyone with her red carpet arrival wearing a gorgeous caftan. At almost 7 months pregnant, the 31 year old looks wonderful and most importantly, when pregnant….comfortable.


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Well, where there’s an up…there’s, unfortunately a down. These Oscar choices were not made with the best look in mind.

The dress that Nicole Kidman brandished was beautiful, but just not the one for her. Marisa Tomei’s gown suggested that she was on her way back to the prom…Amy Adams dress was fine, but the necklace over the semi – mandarin collar??? No good. Helena Bonham??? What can I say, at least her shoes matched this time…(Golden Globes)

NICOLE KIDMAN – Christian Dior – Rabbit Hole

MARISA TOMEI – Charles James for Lily et Cie

AMY ADAMS – L’Wren Scott – The Fighter

HELENA BONHAM – King’s Speech


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The 2011 Oscar red carpet was buzzing tonight with starlets donning their best in hopes of being the look for the evening.

Our opinion, whether simple or elaborate, these ladies hit the proverbial fashion bullseye…

HALLE BERRY – Marchesa

HAILEE STEINFELD – Marchesa – True Grit

GWYNETH PALTROW – Calvin Klein – Country Song

MILA KUNIS – Elie Saab Haute Couture – Black Swan


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The 2011 Grammy Awards red carpet was trounced with celebrities that were wearing looks that were mundane and regular OR categorically obtrusive and leaning toward horrible!!!

Unfortunately, Rihanna, Pauley Perrette, Hayley Williams and Nicki Minaj fit perfectly in the “repelling” look of the day…



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More often than not, when you see one bad look on the red carpet, the next ten will be absolutely FAB!!! With so many to choose from, we couldn’t list them all, so these are a few that made the cut of  “Best In Show”… : – )


ANNE HATHAWAY – Giorgio Armani Privé

HALLE BERRY –  Nina Ricci



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When award season rolls around, there are always celebrity fashion victims on the red carpet. This year’s Golden Globes ceremony produced more than usual…The insipid gauge ranged from too risque and eclectic to a simple ill – fitted garment or frankly, the wrong look entirely…

These are our picks:


HELEN BONHAM CARTER – Vivienne Westwood



O.W.N. – IT’S HERE!!!

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As the advertising for the new Oprah Winfrey Network states, “IT’S HERE!”.

Let’s admit it…Literally or figuratively, we’ve all grown up with Oprah. Hopefully, either way, the growth has produced a better outlook on our daily existence.

If not, you still have a chance to enlighten your perspective with show content that delves into topics from child / parent relations in the show “Kidnapped By The Kids”, tackling thought provoking U.S. issues with “Our America with Lisa Ling” or meeting some of the most successful people in the world through “Master Class”, as well as others.

Ms. Winfrey epitomizes the definition of a vanguard.

OWN (How cool is the acronym?)…I’ll be watching…Will you???

For channels and show listings:



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On many occasions celebrities will grace a red carpet in a print or pattern and usually it’s the ABSOLUTE wrong choice on ALL levels.

But, I have to admit for the premiere of “Biutiful”, Milla Jovovich looked extraordinary in a bold  and vibrant caftan ensemble.



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Johnny Depp was spotted at the European premiere of “The Tourist” looking true to form…Dapper.

I don’t know if it’s his often eclectic attire, his gold tooth, long locks or ridiculously composed demeanor, but don’t you get the feeling he would be cool to hang out with???

Congratulations on the Golden Globe nomination!!!



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For the London BURLESQUE premiere, Cher appeared in this look that exposes a bit too much in my opinion…

We all love the singer and actress, but CHER…please stop “CHER”ING!!!


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Well, the red carpet fashion for the 2010 Emmy Awards was a course of following protocol…Nothing too over the top, nothing too horrible. But, like all celebrity events, some hit the mark and some couldn’t find it.

A couple of my favorites was:

NINA DOBREV of Vampire Diaries. She looked AMAZING in her Zuhair Murad gown. The dress was draped beautifully!!!

SHARON GLESS of Burn Notice, was so cool in her three piece tuxedo. It was a refreshing change from the bevy of gowns that we’re use to seeing on the red carpet.

A few looks also made the “UH – OH” list:

RITA WILSON, actress/producer and wife of Tom Hanks, made a HUGE fashion faux pas with her Prada ensemble…The dress? Okay…but the shoes AND the dress?..The rule of ALL rules applies to this look…”LESS IS MORE”.

ANNA PAQUIN of True Blood, missed the mark…It is obviously not as bad as Rita Wilson, but it is still not on target. Fine, it’s Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.), but just because it’s FAB on the runway, doesn’t mean that it works on the red carpet or more importantly, on EVERYBODY. The “MATADOR” shoulders and weird draping in the front, not to mention the pile of fabric on the ground…One word. WRONG.

“SALT” Anyone???

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Ensuring not to disappoint, the dynamic duo “BRANGELINA” (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) showed up in full force for the highly anticipated “SALT” premiere…

Personally, I think they look great!!! They’re probably just ecstatic to get a breather from a house full of kids. : – )

Can’t wait to see the movie this weekend!!!


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VICTORIA BECKHAM – It’s rare to ever find Mrs. Beckham unkempt and disheveled on the red carpet (or anywhere else for that matter…) Well, again she doesn’t disappoint, wearing one of the looks from her Fall / Winter 2010 collection, the simplistic design is avant – garde and trés moderne. How POSH!!! :)

You can find the complete collection at:   www.victoriabeckham.com

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT – I’m happy to see that JLH is back to form. We all remember her misstep a couple of months ago (when I thought she was Sigourney Weaver…) If not, check out my post and let me know what you think.



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JESSICA SIMPSON – Now that Ms. Simpson is at a healthy weight, I think it’s best that she aims for more appropriate looks and discontinue the “HOPE” methodology (i.e.,”When I put it on, I HOPE it looks right”). This dress is too tight and since she totes an hour glass figure (which most women long for…) the half apron with it’s pointy extrusions add weight. Cute dress…WRONG choice!!!

KHLOE KARDASHIAN – This look does nothing for her figure. She looks like she’s been wrapped in aluminum foil. The dress is simple with a twist and should turn heads immediately when walking into the room. I’m sure Khloe was noticed, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. :(

ROSARIO DAWSON – What is there to say? Ms. Dawson is vibrant and vivacious, this look is SO unsuitable for her. The draping, bow, not to mention the ill fit. It just makes her look old…Similar to her flamingo fiasco at the MET, which was not so much an old look per se, just a bad one…http://www.ladossier.com/archives/2864

SUZANNE SOMERS – This looks like she unlocked her 80’s closet and said “INI…MEENY…MINY…MOE”. She should have went with one of the first three because “MOE” didn’t work.

Janet Jackson…A New “SPRING” In Her Step!!!

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Cute for the Spring / Summer season.

It’s simple…I LOVE Janet’s new haircut!!!



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As with all things in the world, there is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…

At the MET Costume Gala, in regards to fashion, all three were front and center. In my opinion, the most noted of the two latter (BAD and UGLY)?

KAROLINA KURKOVA – This dress looked like Laura from Little House on The Prairie went to a picnic (i.e.,  the gold placemat on her chest) in Nevada and commingled with some of the “working girls” (i.e., the oldest profession).

RACHEL ZOE – This dress is such an ill – fit. It’s just hanging off of her like a wet rag and the handbag is not helping. It’s too large, overbearing and actually draws more attention to the dress being the wrong size. FAIL.

M.I.A. – It looks like she was attacked by a family of spiders…HORRIBLE. Wrong in soooo many ways!!! Ill – Fitted (too large) / a black dress underneath?…Now, if she wore a gold slip dress instead…I believe she would have pulled it off. But, we’ll never know…

ROSARIO DAWSON – What ISN’T wrong? From the Flamingo pink, the plethora of extra fabric at the hip that immediately adds weight that she doesn’t have and the missing 4 inches to her stature that is needed to carry the train that’s surrounding her feet like a lake. FAIL.

There were others that missed the mark too…

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Tina Fey / Mary J. Blige / Christine Hendricks / Kristen Stewart….and the list goes on and on…

BELLS of the BALL…

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What is the best word to describe the red carpet at the MET Costume Gala?

Glamour…Glamour…Glamour…There were so many beautiful gowns that it was hard to choose my top picks.(but, I managed… :))

As always, the mainstays took there places on the red carpet and managed to outshine most …A surprise center stage entry was Whoopi Goldberg. We all know how she HATES to wear dresses or high heels (for that matter), but she looked stunning in a Haute Couture Chado Ralph Rucci ensemble…


Other gown favorites were:

THANDIE NEWTON – Vivienne Westwood Gown – www.viviennewestwood.com

JENNIFER LOPEZ – Zuhair Murad – www.zuhairmurad.com

ANNE HATHAWAY – Valentino – www.valentino.com


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The young celebrity set hit the red carpet running with risque style that permeated the beautiful but often monotonous and mundane fashion events here in New York City.

Major points were tallied for the glamorous garb…From super short dresses and posh pant suits to jazzy jumpers and vampy vests coupled with undulating dirdls that turned heads and raised eyebrows.

Provocative YET Fun…!!! LOVE..

BLAKE LIVELY – Marchesa – www.marchesa.com

CHANEL IMAN – Michael Kors – www.michaelkors.com

ALEXA CHUNG – Philip Lim – www.31philliplim.com

MARGHERITA MISSONI – Missoni (of course)….Jeweled Headband…Trés Chíc!!! – www.missoni.com


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ESTELLE – The Pop songstress arrived to the gala wearing a dated frock that offered ruche and shoulder details but did NOT grant any compliments for her figure…The snakeskin pumps worsened the ensemble, adding insult to an outfit that was already marred…

Don’t get me wrong, the dress may look better on another frame, but Ms. Estelle missed the mark.

SARAH WYNTER – (Damages) Speaking of marred…Need I say more? I know you see it…The dress looks HORRIBLE!!!

Sorry, but I have to call it as I see it… : – (

GWYN & BELL IT…Fashion NO’S!!!

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Although they attended separate events, they both managed to display equally horrendous fashion faux pas moments…from head to toe.

KRISTEN BELL – (Veronica Mars / Heroes / When In Rome) It’s unfortunate but true, just because you’re wearing CHANEL doesn’t mean that it’s an “I’m automatically FAB because of my TAG” evening.

There was no “AAAHHH!!! THAT’S BEAUTIFUL” moment here. She usually looks cute, but this time she looks like she just walked off the set of the “The Sound of Music”, very homely. When you have a dress that is simple with no “bells” (excuse the pun) and whistles, accessories should be added to accentuate and brighten. The gold cuff actually makes the dress even more boring and the clutch is non – existent….See, you didn’t even notice that she was carrying a handbag…Did you??? : )

LOVE as an actress…Disliked this look on her.

GWYNETH PALTROW – (Se7en / Shakespeare In Love / Iron Man 1 & 2) Regarding GP (Gwyneth Paltrow) fashion, for me, she never really hits it out of the park. She’s always glamorous, but there’s never a double – take to note an “OOOHHH” reaction. Consequently, this time, I did have that knee jerk moment, but not in a good way. Wearing the Victoria Beckham collection, GP looked unkempt and disheveled. The dress looked homemade and NOT in a good way and let’s not get into her choice of shoes…

In fashion, she’s usually consistent, this time is was surprising disappointment.

And, what’s the story behind the drab hair styles???

Luckily, they’ll have numerous occasions to bounce back and improve on the red carpet looks.



J-LO – Back On The Block…

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Jennifer Lopez is back!!! All this week she’s been promoting her new movie “The Backup Plan” by visiting the major media hubs.

While doing so, she has looked FABULOUS!!!

At the beginning of the year, she had a few wardrobe hiccups, but she seems to be back to true form.

This week, her looks varied for each appearance, from complex textiles and classic lines to complete embellishment:

SACHIN + BABI – The Early Show   www.ankasa.com

HALSTON – The Today Show   www.halston.com

LANVIN – Regis & Kelly   www.lanvin.com

GIANFRANCO FERRÉ– Back Up Plan Premiere   www.gianfrancoferre.com


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It’s rare to see any prints on the red carpet, especially botanicals, but this event was definitely the exception.

They must have “TWEETED” each other…Tina Fey, Mariska Hargitay and Sheryl Crow donned floral prints along with Hoda Kotbe, Kathy Lee Gifford and Natalie Morales…

Hey…I guess they had that “SPRING” feeling!!!


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It’s been a while since Lauryn Hill has graced us with her presence…

Looks like the hibernation has been good for her…She looks GREAT!!!

OH LADY GAGA…Please Don’t Make Me GAG!!!

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When I first saw this image I just couldn’t believe it!!! To take a Sharpie and nonchalantly just write across a $15,000 dollar Hermes handbag is simply unthinkable…

What did she write? “I love small monster, Tokyo Love”…What does that even mean???

Does she care? Apparently not…And although I don’t endorse the purchase of counterfeit merchandise, I truly hope this is one of them because to destroy one in this manner is so unfortunate.

I’ll give it a couple of days though, I’m sure they’ll be some impressionable ladies with writing on their cute bags everywhere….Or better yet, she’ll put it on EBay and it sells for $25,000… ; )

UH – OH!!! Zoe’s Done It Again…

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I adore Zoë Saldana and it’s only once in a blue moon that she misses the mark on the red carpet, last time being the 2010 Oscars… : – (

This time it was the “DEATH AT A FUNERAL” movie premiere starring the aforementioned, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and a host of other stars.

It’s a beautiful, Greek inspired, dress coupled with great accessories and I realize that the dress is supposed to have a draped feel, but on Ms. Saldana, it, unfortunately, looks ill – fitted and disheveled.

No worries though, I’m certain that she’ll rebound with flying colors…


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Over the past couple of years, there have been a plethora of designers that have jumped on the bandwagon and designed collections for Target.

From fashion designers Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen and most recently Jean Paul Gaultier, to home and houseware designers Liberty of London, Isabelle de Borchgrave and Dwell Studios.

To participate in the formulation of a Target collection is like being accepted to an elite club. This collaboration is advantageous for the design house, consumer and of course, TARGET. The design house is able to create for the masses that can afford their usually unaffordable (for the average income customer) collection, the consumer can purchase a designer look without breaking the bank and Target can reap the benefits of getting a throng of customers through the doors (not that they need it, but more the more the merrier…Right?)

Usually when these collections hit the stores in New York City, they’re gone within a couple of hours. It’s like going to a sold out concert or better yet, shopping on Christmas Eve… SUPER long lines, pushing and shoving, snatching and scowling and don’t leave your cart unattended…I guarantee you’ll be missing something when you get to the register.

That said, get ready for the Christmas Eve experience in Spring!!! Zac Posen will be revealing his collection for Target in April. Recently, Dakota Fanning (jacket) and Nicky Hilton (dress), both pictured above, donned a couple of pieces of the Zac Posen for Target collection at various events.

Luckily, if you live in the NYC area, you’ll be the first to purchase it. For 24 hours, April 15 – 16, a pop up store will be created at 481 Eighth Ave. giving fashionistas a 10 day head start from the rest of the country.

Get there EARLY…Have fun, but be safe ladies!!!

I can’t wait to see the next designer to be showcased…


Halle Berry – SPANTS???

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Skirt + Pants = Skants? I’m on the fence here…

What do you think?

HI STEPPIN’ – Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani was spotted in Los Angeles looking laid back and comfortable in a tank and Adidas track pants as if she was strolling to the gym for a quick workout.

But, keep scanning, her five (5) inch heels confirm that she’s definitely NOT going to run on the treadmill or take a ZUMBA class…

Understated with a twist…Cool!!!

CLASH of the Fashions…

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At the Clash of the Titans premiere, the red carpet looks were pretty much business as usual, but you know there will always be at least one faux pas OR in this case, Clash of the FASHIONS… Well, for this event, there were two:

Nora Zehetner wore a dress that was flattering as far as the color for her skin tone, but the ill fitted frock was unappealing and did her no justice at all…

Natalie Mark, Sam Worthington’s girlfriend, has on the most horrible shoe with a black mini dress. Don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing wrong with the shoes…It’s the thought of coupling the two that is the problem.

Fashion Grade…FAIL

ERYKAH BADU – The “Khameleon”

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For the past week, Erykah Badu has been hitting the media circuit promoting her new album “AMERYKAH Part II” and in true Baduizm style has caused a fashion stir.

Yes, everyone is now WELL aware of her strip tease in the infamous “Window Seat” video, but I’m speaking of her chameleon like skills when it comes to altering her style dressed NOT undressed…

Granted, all of the looks weren’t stellar in her appearances (Jimmy Fallon), but I do like the “Denise Huxtable” Cosby show / Different World feel in the look above, I love detail, so for me, the Heather Huey top hat and the boots (reminiscent of J. Varvatos) complete the look.

In the second image, the fashion statement for the day is her hair (braids & beads). Other’s have compared it to Rick James, but I think she was channeling Stevie Wonder. After all, who did it first?


KCA – What NOT To Wear…

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At the Kids’ Choice Awards yesterday, there were several celebrities on the red carpet that approached it with common sense and others who just obviously had their events mixed up.

Case in point, Katy Perry…No. Her outfit is sooooo inappropriate!!! Grammy’s maybe, KIDS’ Choice Awards…NO! And, Danielle Bisutti’s ensemble is not so much kid inappropriate, but more a case of unsuitable for the event. The Emmy’s (Daytime) would be a better fit for this look…well…maybe not…

Now, when I think of an awards show that’s focused on kids, fun and slime, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. (Jeans, sun dress, shorts, etc.)

Minus the 4″ heels….Jada Pinkett Smith and Zoe Saldana hit it right on the nose. CUTE!!!

JESSICA ALBA – Tribeca Film Festival…

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Jessica Alba is looking FAB and the shoes are to die for…Hip, Quirky with a POP!!! They’re Proenza Schouler, of course.

Ms. MEL & Ms. V – MINOR MISsteps…

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Love the cool hair, but the white dress, black belt and taupe shoes and handbag…NO. I understand what she was trying to accomplish, but it truly fell flat. Trust me, since her dress is simple and understated, she should have enhanced the look with a patent or embellished shoe with a complimenting black bag. Better luck next time.


The drape of the dress is cute, I love the length, but if you wear a print, it should be bolder, something that stands out…Especially for the red carpet. Usually when Ms. Williams is on the court or out and about, she always has on great accessories. Apparently, this was a mellow night for Venus. I understand…We all need one. : – )


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This skirt is obviously a cute must have and Paula Meronek (MTV Real World Key West) and Kim Kardashian took turns rocking it for various events…

Who Wore It Best?

Hmmmm…My opinion? They both look good in the skirt, but I believe Kim K. edged her out this time around.


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After her Oscar 2010 fashion fiasco, Sarah Jessica Parker rebounded with an adorable one shoulder embellished dress. Way to rebound!!!

What NOT To Do?

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When I first saw this image, I thought it was Sigourney Weaver. I’m certain that Jennifer Love Hewitt will cringe if she reads this, but I have to be honest. The dress is obviously not her size (note the ill – fitted underarm area – TOO BIG!!!) And her stance is wrong on so many levels. She’s usually on the mark when it comes to the red carpet, but she missed by a mile this time.

Speaking of misses…Caroline Wozniacki. I am an avid tennis fan, so I’m familiar with the tennis star. But this fashion ensemble is simply unappealing, unattractive and unpleasant. And the handbag??? I’m sure she’ll rebound from this, but she has officially loss this match.

2010 Oscar…UH – OH’S…

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With all things there are good and bad….Well, unfortunately, the 2010 Oscar Red Carpet saw a few fashion faux pas on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Charlize Theron: CHRISTIAN DIOR…The dress was clearly not a good choice for the evening. The lilac color did not coincide with her skin tone (she looked very washed out) and the rosettes were a distraction…and NOT a good one. When it comes to red carpet events, she usually pushes the envelope a bit, but I don’t think it worked this time.

SJP: CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE…Listen…Everybody LOVES Chanel, but it doesn’t work for all body frames ALL the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous piece, but on Ms. Parker, it looked ill fitted. I’m a fan of SJP’s fashion and she’s always spot on (well maybe not that one time), but other than that…It was bound to happen once…

On another note…What was up with her hair? The back was soooo perfect and the top was a mess…ODD.

Tina Fey: MICHAEL KORS…This look threw me off because she looked extremely uncomfortable. And then, she was missing a strap. I know it was designed this way, but it looked unfinished. Not cute.

Zoe Saldana: GIVENCHY HAUTE COUTURE…I LOVE Ms. Saldana and she usually hits it out of the park when it comes to fashion. This time though, the problem was not the dress it was with her choice. The gown is BEAUTIFUL, but it is too much dress for her stature (5’7″). To pull this look off the you would have to be at least 3 inches taller with a minimum 3 inch killer heel to REALLY show off the train…

2010 Oscar…GORGEous!!!

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Sandra Bullock: MARCHESA…Enchanting. Slinky…Sexy…Sandra…This dress looked beautiful on Ms. Bullock.

Kate Winslet: YVES ST. LAURENT…Austere, minimal, simple, straightforward GLAMOUR!!!

Jennifer Lopez: ARMANI PRIVE…It’s been well documented that the last few events have been HUGE missteps for Ms. Lopez (i.e., New Year’s Eve/ Grammy Awards), but this time she was back to form with this gorgeous Armani gown.

Miley Cyrus: JENNY PACKHAM…Usually Miley Cyrus is a mess when it comes to fashion. Sorry…I just had to admit it. But to her credit, she’s only a teenager, so it’s excused…This time though, she just looks wonderful. The dress fits like a glove, her hair and makeup…PERFECT. I was so happy to FINALLY see her fashion potential.