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It’s true…All designers are artists at heart that express their work in various ways. Some are conventional and concise, others teeter between exotic and eclectic…But all are extraordinary in their genre.

Iris Van Herpen is DEFINITELY the latter…Call it what you may…diverse…multifarious…even crazy, but one thing that is certain, her ability to think out of the box, push the envelope and establish a buzz around the end result is what fashionistas crave.

In her self description of her work she states, “I create a new direction of couture that combines fine handwork techniques with futuristic digital technology.” Indeed…And interning with the infamous Alexander McQueen (R.I.P), is a testament to her talent and ability.

If not yet, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and a slew of other celebrities will be knocking down her door to flaunt a look. TRUST!!!



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With the abrupt ousting of John Galliano prior to the Fall 2011 presentations, the main question on everyone’s lips was “Who will they find to replace him???”

Well, luckily, they didn’t have to look far, for the past few years, Bill Gaytten has been assisting in the creation process with Mr. Galliano and it was oh so easy for him to swoop in and save the day!!!

A collection that included fun, flair and fantasy ensured the proverbial fashion “bases” were covered…Above the knee looks with pattern and stripes, pleated diaphanous caftans with vibrant color and multi – layered skirts, embellished jackets and gowns completed the presentation.

Eclectic, with a hint of frazzle yes…A “melting pot” of fashion that combined the designer’s array of tastes, the Dior legacy appears to be in good hands.



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The Giambattista Valli presentation parlayed aspects of couture from every angle, whether it was a simple top or skirt to shift dress or cascading capes, it would be easy to find a look or two to enhance your wardrobe.

With flowing fabrications that appear light as air, layering elements that must have garnered the most ingenious of tailoring and intricate beading that I’m positive tolerated unrelenting endurance to complete, the show represented an accomplished picture of the multi – faceted woman.

Striking inclusion of detail in embellishment and textiles was the ultimate taste of couture…Animal and floral prints, ostrich feathers, crystals, fur, etc. yielded a fantastic show…BRAVO!!!



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Channeling a bit of every era from the early 20th century, the Chanel presentation seemed moody and dark with significant twists of detail in every look.

Commencing with the signature tweed suit, Karl Lagerfeld included details through necklines, embroidery and adornment which progressed through each membrane of the show…

The heavily layered “semi – flamenco” dress emitted simplistic beauty, with inclusions of color throughout, design implementations (i.e., shoulder pads, 3/4 length jackets, flair hems, etc.) and lovely looks with glimpses of the dark side supplemented the production.

Impetuous Effervescence…



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Crisp, clean linens floating through Spring breezes…Fresh…Airy…Whimsical…This is the vision felt while viewing the Valentino couture show.

With beautiful, translucent fabrics, some sprinkled with appliques, others constructed with airy patterns and all drifting effervescently down the catwalk, the design duo of  Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s have convinced us that the Valentino legacy will continue…

Succinctly designed, Exquisitely refined, Resplendently alluring…



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Riccardo Tisci is notorious for his acute attention to detail and his 2011 Givenchy couture collection ascends above and beyond creative expectations.

Dripping with Japanese innuendo, the show soared through the unification of textiles (organza/ chiffon/ tulle), embellishment (pearls/ Swarovski crystals), accessories (Philip Treacy millinery) and laser cut techniques utilized on breathtaking appliqués that seemed to breathe realism.

Be it the Japanese crane enveloped in feathers, cross culture bolero or pops of color to showcase wing detail, the sheer undertaking of designing and achieving such marvels is awe – inspiring.

Luxurious Personified…



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Futuristic…Ultramodern…Innovative. These are a few adjectives that surfaced while viewing the 2011 Amani Privé show.

Inundated with deliquescent fabrics that simulate 3d effects, the collection is bold and has a sense of twisted liquid opulence that pops on the catwalk…Dare I say “EDGY”!!!

This is a new design facet from the mind of Giorgio Armani…Is it a pleasant surprise? Yes…Could there be an infusion of Lady Gaga influence? Possibly!!!

The end result??? BEWITCHING…



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As Coco Chanel once quoted, ” Fashion is at once both caterpillar and butterfly. Be a caterpillar by day and a butterfly at night…There must be dresses that crawl and dresses that fly.”

Well, the Chanel 2011 Couture presentation was full of cankers and fab flyers…

With satin chokers and the usual assortment of textures (tweed, silk, beading, etc.), the show was a compilation of resplendent revelry. From the diaphanous fabrics adorned with intricate pattern and/or beading, to the signature tweed sets paired with sequin knickers, the show displays Karl Lagerfeld’s consummate talent.




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BRAVO!!! The 2011 Christian Dior Couture presentation was exquisite…

Noting his inspiration, Rene Gruau, the infamous illustrator and channeling Mr. Dior himself, John Galliano implemented a refreshing twist to the “Bar” suit and “Tulip Line” skirt, originally designed in the 40’s era.

And, in his fabulous, as usual outlook on design, he created beautiful garb that will transcend to the next generation.

Folded…Layered…Gathered and Draped to perfection. GORGEOUS!!!