LFW 2010


ACNE – An “OUTBREAK” of Grungy Chic…..

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Acne emerged as my “Thunderdome” flashback of the day.

I adore the patched sheep coat and the SUPER mini leather goth dress with the pocket details.

The collection is also infused with slouch wear (pants, coats, jumpsuits) which incorporate zippers and draped fabrics. Very sci-fi…So comfortable, yet chic.

No facial please….My ACNE is CUTE!!!!

Temperley London

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Smart, Chic, Confident and Refined…..

That was the first thing that came to mind for me when I saw this collection. Encompassing all of the fundamentals for a complete look, the collection embodied the different facets of a woman’s daily grind with a twist.

Working woman…A business suit with a dash of leather added (just in case you’re thinking about testing me today)…Weekend woman…shopping with friends or the kids (either will do)….Afternoon or Evening woman…long or short (no worries….)

It’s all GLAM!!!

Basso & Brooke

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Honestly, Basso & Brooke NEVER disappoint when it comes to their interpretation of color and pattern within their fabrication. This collection travels the full gamut of the chromatic spectrum.

If we focused on the clothing design alone, the team keeps it simple and straightforward. Jackets, jersey dresses, coat dresses, trousers, etc.

Although they do create aspects that draw your attention, like the SUPER high collar on the “AVATAR” piece (my name for it, not theirs:)….Or the fur collared parka inundated with elaborate fabric details.


Roksanda Illincic

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Fur, angel wing capes, applique blossoms, belted frocks…Silk, satin, crepe, boucle…These are the key elements that make the Roksanda Illincic show memorable.

Compiled of pieces that would be an asset to your daily autumn wardrobe and other items that would be head turners when making your  “fashionably late” entrance at the soiree. This collection exemplifies a confident woman whether she was wearing a pencil trouser or body conscious ensemble.

And, we all can use more of that….RIGHT!?! : – )

Central Saint Martins – BRIGHT FUTURE!!!

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The Central Saint Martins presentation showcased the 2010 graduation class and mirroring the diverse culture mass were equally diverse designs.

The simple proliferation of collections that contained geometric, 3 -D and the most minute details to a vast display of different fabrics was a treat.

To view the array of numerous creations from the mundane to the extraordinary was a look into the fashion designers of the future.

And the future is BRIGHT!!!!


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Military…A restoration of the Aviator jacket to be direct….That was my first thought when viewing the Burberry presentation.

Shearlings – parkas, overcoats (cropped, long,etc.), double breasted fitted jackets detailed with gold, leather arm strappings, large buckles and even colossal collars that will unquestionably maintain your thermic meter.

With ALL certainty….The outerwear is truly the “MUST HAVE” from the show!!!

Although, for me, the thigh high boots are definitely on the “Dossier Dibs” list and let’s not forget the grey cropped shaggy number.



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The Erdem collection displays absolutely, unequivocally BEAUTIFUL fabrication within their collection. The shades of fall color (rust, tan, chocolate, teal, ocher, grey) emanate warm and cozy feelings and the introduction of pops of color here and there are refreshing.

The patterns include birds, leaves with notable details in the designs (puffy sleeves / belled skirts)….Flirty innocence that gives your wardrobe a sense of unconventional style.


Todd Lynn

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That is the focus of the Todd Lynn collection. No, these are not as severe as the 80’s shoulder pad mania (okay…maybe a couple looks are over the top), but it is a conforming revamp of the original.

Of course, the fabrics coupled with the enhanced element is deemed a bonus, leather affixed as inserts, intricately woven or braided within the garment, in black and cafe au lait, not to mention, wools, jersey, furs (fox)…….

Strong, Provocative…Androgynous.