MFW 2010



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This seasons Etro collection is dripping with epicurean garb that is synonomous with extravagance.

The presentation is a list of beautiful pieces that give retrospect of a different time. Supplementing that beauty are textiles laced with paisley effigies, fringes, fur….GORGEOUS!!!

Accompanying the pencil skirts, empire waist dresses, kimono inspired gowns, cheongsam and fabrics comprised of chinoiserie were stately  jewelry that emanated a hint of Egyptian fervor.

Whether traveling from Asia to Egypt, the Italian designer introduced and consolidated different cultures in one show and the result was…



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Who doesn’t adore GUCCI?!?

I remember, while living in Milan, I thought everybody dressed as though they had just stepped out of an ad campaign…And at that time, Gucci was at the top of my “MUST HAVE” list.

It still is, of course, and the reason is prevalent in their current collection.

The color palette ranges from soft whites to rich gem tones, graphite greys, black and is sprinkled with graphic detail by incorporating various prints.

The well tailored belted slim trousers, cropped fur lined jackets, dresses layered with feathers, ultra cool (above the knee) boots (definitely on the “Dossier Dibs” list) and on and on and on….LOVELY.

Resplendent…ROBERTO CAVALLI!!!!

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Muted animal prints, leather brimming with stud detail, brocade….YES…BROCADE!!!

Only Roberto Cavalli could reintroduce the latter and make if massively cool. BOHO cool, to be exact….

The collection, as a whole, looks comfortable and uncomplicated. Which is a GREAT thing!!! Now, how many times have you equated fashionable with comfortable? It’s almost non – existent….

Mr. Cavalli honed in on necessities and tweaked them with unique fabrications that pique the interest. The ultra light pieces were even more appealing with the presence of layering in the presentation.


Alberta Ferretti

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The Alberta Ferretti collection is a true marvel.

It exudes a very chic innocence with a hint of flair. Whether featured with embellishment or within the construction of the garment, it’s transparent opulence is gratifying.

The draped gowns seemed effortless, feathered and fur trimmed topcoats, a flurry of frocks beautified with intricate beading.

Quintessential Symmetry…”GORGE”!!!


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When attending any collection presentation, you must zone in on all details. (i.e., clothing, handbag, jewelry, shoes)

Usually, with a Bottega Veneta show, I tend to focus on the craftmanship of the accessories than the accompanying garment worn by the models. But, that’s due to my insatiable need for the FAB bag and equally GORGE shoe…..(btw….GORGE = GORGEOUS)….I know, it’s an issue… :)

And, let’s face it, when viewing Bottega Veneta….You just can’t help it!!

But, with this collection, it covered so many facets of a woman’s closet that you were drawn to the garment. From work to play, the presentation focused on the various points and responsibilities that a woman undertake and in turn, decided to ensure her style would be fluid from beginning to end.



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Fringe jackets, ruffles, cowboy hats, adorned in gold accessories….Naturally, I love it.

Of course, it’s not the simplistic route of other designers, but when has Moschino EVER been simplistic?

The brand incessantly pushes the envelope and makes a statement.

Notable pieces that would surely get a double take strolling down Fifth or Madison Avenue are the studded leather suit, double breasted trench, the “Earring” dress (as I would call it) and anything fringe…. :)

But, this is fashion and sometimes, that’s what it’s about…Possessing that one piece that will turn heads. Right?!?

FEROCIOUS!!!! Gianfranco Ferre

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Sometimes things are better left unsaid… Just gaze, admire and respect the sheer craft of what you’re witnessing…..

Well, I would usually do that, but since I’m speaking fashion, I must comment on the Gianfranco Ferre collection.

The pure glamour of the presentation is breathtaking. And, since I’ve covered sooooo many collections, I’ve mentioned details here and there, but Gianfranco Ferre has upped the ante…..

Sequins, woven leathers, chiffon (of course)…. And, to their credit, it bears a minimalist feel.

But look more closely and you’ll become what I am when it comes to sights such as this…A GAWKER… : – )


Emporio Armani…Enchantment…

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This presentation is extremely fun, flirty and filled with the most charming selects.

Chiffon, paillettes, fur, all draped with distinction. With a hint of shoulder pads and pleated trousers (yes…You read correctly…talk about a blast from the past!!) Well…I believe the pleats are here to stay…for a while anyway…. :)

The color palette is a commingling of muted tones, which is conducive to the brand, but the devils in the details. The fine points being Lurex furs etched in a tartan design, embellished garments drenched in paillettes and layered fabrics that are light as air and seemed to flutter down the catwalk.

Lovely….Enchanting….Emporio Armani.


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Everyone knows that season after season, Fendi is synonomous with sophistication. Ensuring not to disappoint, this collection mirrors that sentiment…..

The designer honed in on the pure and simple. Basic colors, tan, grey, navy, dark yellows steered the collection toward demure lines.

Gorgeous swing coats, skirts, and undulating bodices constructed from shaved fur, organza, suede, shearlings, etc.

Straight laced fashion…What more could you ask for?



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FINALLY…A collection that showcased the figure, in a different way.

It’s been a loooonnnng time since I’ve seen models strutting the catwalk that actually had shapely physiques. VERY refreshing…In turn, the collection was equally stimulating.

Channeling the fifties and sixties, the exhibition includes the infamous A-line skirts, capris and double breasted coats of the time. Considering the compilation of textiles derived (tweeds, knitwear, patent leather, embroidery) there is so much to choose from for the Fall.

And luckily, due to the construction, they’re wearable and comfortable (for us hour glass girls), without extending our detox and starving ourselves for an extra two weeks. :)


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The Missoni experience is just that…An EXPERIENCE!!!

With a cataclysmic display of color and pattern, it is an absolute treasure…..Being a zealot and respecting the art of intricate weaving and the confluence of color detail, I find it splendid.

The collection yields caftan like coats, parkas (the fur collared is my favorite), wraps, capes, etc. I also acknowledge and appreciate Missoni’s inclusion of multifarious cultures and epochs when designing which captivates the buyer and always cultivate in sales.

Everyone (in fashion) are usually drawn to certain eras….Well, all my fashionable friends are anyway…. : – )

Dolce & Gabbana

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The Dolce & Gabbana show included a taste of everything. Business blazers, frilly frocks, embellished endues and apparel arrayed with appliques.

The show directed your attention to the, dare I say, “Meat and Potatoes” of the matter….The basics that are applied to create a collection that will attract the masses and SELL…..That is the bottom line. RIGHT?

Well, the design team nailed it by providing their die hard fans with pieces that transcend from day to evening and, in bona fide Dolce & Gabbana fashion, also included several that will attract the rubberneckers…..

After all, isn’t that what they do anyway!! : – )