MFW 2011


D & G

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Always fun with elements of surprise, this D & G presentation is a trot back through time, in wedge sneakers, of course!!!

Inundated with alphabet graphics, the team must have been reminiscing about the easy going hey day of fashions from the late 80’s and early 90’s…Oversize sweaters, pencil spandex skirts, slim cut trouser, etc.

Definitely geared for the young set, the collection popped with flourescent hues and was incensed with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” undertones…

D & G


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With the inclusion of layered ascots, high waisted, knee length dirndls and various overcoats in fur, leather and wool, the Fendi F/W 2011 collection was one that showcased the everyday gal with a hint of lascivious behavior. In this industry, we call that fashion with an innate sense of style. (i.e., a twist of eclecticism).

The effortless ease of each and every look made it an instant favorite for me. The multi-color cocoon coat, chunky heel, detail after detail…after detail…




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Be it the low slung belted ensembles, the homage to the renowned Yves Saint Laurent with the Mondrian references or the python and paillettes  peppered throughout, Miuccia Prada has officially thrown her fashion gauntlet in the mix.

Not surprising, she never fails to give her blatant opinion of what should REALLY be next season’s MUST have…This time she did so by cross referencing the flower child sixties and revamped twenties with flapper inspired dresses, aviator skull caps and go – go boots with either python details or Mary Jane buckles with pops of color. Let the games begin…

Potent…Perceptive…Pragmatic (i.e, Funky) :)



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The “ROCKER” collection presented by Roberto Cavalli was a fringe fanatics fantasy!!!

Fabrics ranged from crocodile to python and all were adorned with a plethora of beads, crystals and sequins. On top of all of that, the pants/tops, etc. were painstakingly woven into the frabjous creations that must have taken FOREVER to complete.

And yes…We LOVE fringe!!! : – )

Prints…Python AND Painstaking???



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Provoking…Risqué…Titillating…What else would you presume to view in a presentation which marked a quarter century of the designer powerhouse?

Cotton, Lace, Crystals…Leopard, Eyelet, Spandex…Minis, Lingerie, Pantaloons…All were included in the lineup. The shows barometer went from a soft Summer slumber to a hot and seductive heat wave!!!

Continuing to push the envelope…



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Vibrant color, Intricate patterns, Attention to detail…These are all vignettes of work that design house, Missoni generates every season…

In the 2011 S/S collection, the tradition of revamping everyday knitwear continued with a BANG!!!

The theme was a cross cultural experience. I noted distinct traits from the veins of Africa, Mexico and Asia, whether it be in the construction of the garment or the print.

Missoni NEVER disappoints!!!



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This Miuccia Prada collection has gone against the grain of the norm…There are no light and airy fabrics strolling this runway…

Instead, she opted for quadratic silhouettes and infused them with bold, magnetic color highlights and neons…Other details included prints (stripes/ bananas/ monkeys/ seraphs, etc.)

With fur shawls and handbags to flaunt, the presentations design framework is basic, but the aesthetic is stimulating, imaginative and cultured.



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Color blocking, Elaborate weaving and Audacious tailoring compiled and consummated the Gianfranco Ferré exhibition…

All things considered, the expectation of a beautiful spectacle was what we’ve come to trust. And Tommaso and Aquilano made sure our needs were met…

The sexy ingénues stormed the catwalk with authority and the presentation was not awe – inspiring components seen at other shows,  but it did illustrate exquisite techniques…DIVINE!!!



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The assemblage of looks for the Bottega Veneta collection chronicles the fruition of “complex simplicity”…

The conformed creations, be it the drop waist dress, sinuous suiting or paperbag short ensemble showcases the integrity of the look. But the intricacy brandish the elaborate workmanship.

And let’s not even talk about the bags!!! LOVE.

Complex Simplicity…



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If you’re familiar with Etro at all, the initial presumption is that you will definitely be enthralled with their use of prints and color.

This current collection offered that and much more…With the induction of monochrome staples convoluted with geometric and indigenous prints, the presentation was a successful proliferation…multifarious versus specific…

The result??? HARMONY…



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The cool, unfettered sway of the Fendi collection was a gorgeous display of Spring’s and Summers of yesteryear…

Ultra light textiles, constructed to provide breathing room AND style…From the indubitable “onesie”, (which I LOVE!!!), the two piece looks that make going to the office seem effortless and the accessories are ALWAYS mainstays…

Form, Function and Fashion…



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Frida Giannini, the designer, pulled out all the punches for the vibrant S/S 2011 Gucci collection.

Vivid bursts of color opened the show and was drizzled throughout the presentation…

What other creations earmarked the collection??? Intricately woven dresses and tops detailed with fringe, feathers, etc… Jackets made of various fabrics amplified with gold finishes, embroidery or beautifully studded…And don’t even get me started on the accessories!!!

One word describes it…SEXY…For work AND play…