PFW 2012



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Along with the bevy of models participating in the LOUIS VUITTON presentation, Marc Jacobs invites us on another ride, via carousel.

This tour transports the masses through his panorama of a melodious, soft – hued collection, reminiscent of  care – free breezes and fresh Spring days…Don’t you feel the warm comfort of…Oh, never mind, maybe that’s just me…

Nonetheless, the collection is one that unveils beautiful workmanship in each stratum (ensemble, elements and accessories). Incorporating an assortment of fabric components, from exotic (crocodile and feathers) to elegant (organza, lace, tweed or crystals) to the basic (plastic and cotton nylon).

The display represents a fantasy of how beautiful life should be…light, airy, tailored and GORGEOUS, of course… :)

I’ll say it again…Marc Jacobs…You’re a genius!!! LOVE…




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One may have thought that the successor of the “House of McQueen” would fold under the strenuous pressures of attempting to live up to the incomparable designs of its namesake (i.e., visionaire…Alexander McQueen). I have to admit, the probability crossed my mind as well…

But, aren’t we all pleasantly surprised that 18 months later, Sarah Burton continues to create couture masterpieces. You don’t believe??? Let’s list the complexities…First, the construction of each garment is staggering!!! Then you interconnect that fact with the textiles utilized (organza, lace, chiffon, leather)…Thereupon injecting her personal virtuosity by embellishing with gold, copper and silver within the look??? The result…Pièce de Résistance.

With fabrics flowing, sweeping, rippling and rolling oh so fluently, the consensus was clear…Sarah Burton has “IT“. Quoting a friend after leaving the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET, “McQueen is the baddest, alive or dead”…I agree, but Ms. Burton has rounded the corner and is nipping at his heels…BRAVO!!!



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Showcasing elements of vintage PACO RABANNE concepts, Manish Arora presented a collection that was flamboyant with a tinge of restraint. Known for his “out of this universe” creations, the designer’s looks for this show were similar to “Star Trek” splendor.

With the inclusion of accessory designers Philip Treacy and Nicholas Kirkwood, the show was certain to reach galactic heights!!! Infusing plastics and prismatic organzas with gems, Arora paid homage to Rabanne by incorporating re-creations of looks from the original collections and constructing body conscious ensembles with featherweight materials.

The culmination of the presentation were below the knee metallic dresses made of paper that allowed for the reminiscence of Paco Rabanne of old…Phenomenal…Preposterous, yet…Powerful.





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The debut collection of the periodically controversial rhyme savant was all abuzz. Long awaited, KANYE WEST, who executed a stint at Louis Vuitton as a design intern, presented his variation of what the fashion savvy should sport for the 2012 S/S season.

The Spring looks were indelible…Plunging necklines, Cropped trousers, Slouch tops…Beautiful fabrication.

Regarding the fashion calendar, the collection teetered between Winter and Spring, but hey, in May, when it’s warm and sunny in New York City, it’s cool and clear in Anchorage…Perfect for a smidge of leather or a touch of fur. But, we think “central” (U.S./ Europe), so would the looks work for our climate??? No.

But, keep in mind, Mr. West seems to be ten steps ahead in his music, so he may be privy to information we DON’T have regarding fashion…You never know when “Niño” will blow through…And who will be flying off the shelves??? You got it!!!



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The 2012 S/S Tsumori Chisato collection is simply a glimpse of a vacation before the actual event.

Chocked full of tropical prints, hues that transposed the optic nerve resulting in a chromatic aberration and just the right amount of chic sophistication…A welcome “sight” if I may say so…Straw hats, flowy above – the – knee caftans, cat eye sunglasses, matching umbrellas, calico covered footwear, so much fun…book my trip now!!!

Is it a bit “kitschy”??? Possibly. But, there are a plethora of pieces that when added to the wardrobe will outshine even your most prized piece. Who wouldn’t want to spruce up with a dash of raffia, chiffon or crochet???

It’s a MUST for 2012…It’s okay, take some time, let it simmer…You’ll come around. :)



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Dame Vivienne is at it again!!! She is one, of only a few, that can make a show that resembles a vichyssoise of thrifty fashions into a “rive gauche” showcase, if you will…

Constructed with the finest textiles (lace, lame, satin and sequin), the end result is easily meshed with the necessities of wardrobe (knits, hosiery) and accessorized with pops of pleasure…(i.e., totes, platforms, bangles, bloated bowlers, etc.).

For well over 40 years, she has kept PUNK alive with her continuous homage to the life and style of the genre. It’s safe to say that the movement is alive and kicking…



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Start with a BOOM…End with BANG!!! Brandishing monochromatic tones, the GARETH PUGH collection supplied all of the brilliance that we’ve grown to expect from the British born phenomenon.

This seasons show was a course on how to properly intermix genres. We all LOVE the extraordinary art he’s already infamous for, but would have no event to flaunt them properly aside from New York City’s legendary “LATEX BALL”.

However, this time, he included wearable looks that would pair perfectly with any wardrobe. The infusion of supple fabrics from vests to slim cut trousers, body conscious mini’s and sleeveless maxi coats paraded the catwalk.  Adjoining, respectably, were black and white striped looks accompanied by droves of platform pumps to complete each ensemble.

The “BANG”??? Vamped grandeur!!! Faceless…Fearless…FABULOUS!!!