MFW 2012



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No FRINGE??? Believe it!!! The 40th anniversary collection was chock full of color, prints and beautiful tailoring, but the signature fringe that we’ve come accustomed when viewing Roberto Cavalli was M.I.A. on the 2012 Spring/ Summer runway.

Imported instead were gorgeous gold sequined pieces (jackets, skirts, flapper dresses, etc.) and was followed by laser cut leather or cropped ulsters, printed tuxedo pants and lovely, wafting gossamer gowns.

Gone are the stereotypical distinction of the “Here we go AGAIN” sigh of the assigned gawkers…No embroidered pieces and AGAIN…No FRINGE!!! This season, Roberto Cavalli resuscitated the collection. It’s sophisticated and fresh…

Now, let’s see if he keeps it up…I have no doubt that he will!!!



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As American as apple pie!!!

I don’t know if this is what the twins were thinking, but it was very apparent from my point of view…Maybe it was the American flag t – shirts and scarves, possibly the throwback to the “California” girl in short shorts and vests or simply a tutorial of various ways to layer. The moniker for this show? The “Bohemian Nomad”…A HIT in my book!!!

With so many designers adept in their craft immensely focused on the structuring of the piece OR others who are extremely maniacal in the ways of their production that few would know how to wear some of the designs, it’s refreshing to see straightforward, undiluted, easygoing wares for everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the “focused and maniacal” as well, but it’s great to see a designer just having fun.



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The Dolce & Gabbana collection is one that jaunts through time with outfitted pairings of overcoats and dresses, phyllo thin fabrics immersed in vibrant prints of ingredients found in your mom’s cupboard, that wisp through the air, sway oh so softly or simply makes a statement.

The duo’s creations for the 2012 Spring/Summer season gives way to the notion that sometimes “More IS More”!!! Between two piece bloomer bikinis with matching bolero jackets to two piece evening wear emblazoned with beads, baubles and baguettes, the message was loud and clear (to me anyway…)

If you’re going to do it…DO IT!!!



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Whether it’s the reminiscence of the fashion palette of  yesteryear or paving a new memory, BOTTEGA VENETA is one that doesn’t disappoint. Each presentation is ALWAYS an eye catching, show stopping foray of intrinsics that warrants more of the effortless beauty of each look.

This collection, inundated with hues (verts/ saffrons/ violets/ mahoganys/ vermilions), also introduced a new component to the BV portfolio…Jeans. Infused with several gradations of different washes, the inception of the daily wear for most humanoids seemed alien on this premiere runway, but they flowed with ease and fit so well…Like most jeans do.

There were also the mainstays, gorgeous gowns, cultivated tailoring and exotic skin (ostrich/ lizard/ crocodile, etc.),  intricately woven handbags in vibrant colors. GORGEOUS!!!



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Miuccia Prada is undoubtedly a trendsetter. Similar to Coco Chanel’s “6th sense” on the world’s outlook of what’s new for next season, she invoked the 1950’s as her muse for the 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

With pleated looks leading the way, the collection raced between sexy siren and serene schoolgirl. Leather skirts tagged with various pop art, bathing suits paired with overcoats trimmed with piping that were embellished with shoulder jewels and emblazoned prints OR brocade fabrics with hints of pastels and pops of color.

The assortment screamed simplistic with a flare of seduction.



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Through stripes, perforated suede, diaphanous fabrics and “rose colored” eyewear, the FENDI collection crested at an all time high for it’s sleek yet sharp display of ready to wear.

With looks that exhibit mitigating silhouettes which include A – line skirts, flight suit jumpers, wide leg jodhpurs, boxy jackets, etc., there is certainly a substantial amount of components that would enhance even the most conservative fashionistas (CF) closet. (Yes…The “CF” does exist!!!)

And for all you “no holds bar” fashion zealots, that like that smidgen of eclecticism in their repertoire, the amount of diverse looks are endless…apron front tops, tiered sleeved dresses, jackets with cut out shoulders, and my favorite, the striped coat dress with a five button pentagonal overlay…LOVE!!!



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The 90th collection from the GUCCI Atelier was one that commemorated the heyday of the 1920s that included art deco nuances and the infamous flapper dress of that era. Notorious for their eye for detail, as well as the “fashion follows form and function” philosophy, the GUCCI collection will easily transcend from the runway to the everyday.

Although the lines of the garments were relaxed (squared cropped jackets, dropped hemmed dresses) and elaborated (high – waist trousers), the elements of each pieces spoke volumes to the artistry and craftsmanship that has solidified the design house as one of the preeminent designers in the world. (Past, Present and Future.)