PFW 2010


Versatile AND Remarkable…VIKTOR & ROLF!

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One thing you can count on when viewing a Viktor and Rolf show is the unveiling of their theatrical flair.

From the first look they had me transfixed….The revolving model wearing what seemed to be a gargantuan tweed overcoat and the metamorphosis that followed…To witness the amount of ensembles transposed from one model to the other is astonishing.

It’s all in the design….The integration of drawstrings and zippers allowed grand dirndls to convert to Elizabethan fraise, colossal cloaks to become fitted coats, reversible leather frocks that emerged as embellished jackets or dresses, etc…

The plus side…Endless options…Yes…Everything was black, but that was irrelevant.

And, I don’t know if they were in “Teacher” mode, but, this production demonstrates a portion of the melee that goes on backstage when the models are dressing and how the designers & stylists prep the look before it hits the runway….

In my career, I’ve styled several shows for fashion week and I know first hand the laundry list of details that you have to cover to pull off such a production. This show is sooooo well done…

Their literal approach worked phenomenally….

The theme for me? “The Mechanics That Keep The Engine Running and The Masterpieces They Create”…

I know…I know, it’s a bit long…But that was my thought process while viewing the show. From the music, runway and backdrop applique, to the revolving stage (to give the audience a 360 degree view – LOVE!!!) and the draping of the garment.

Versatile YET Radical…Volatile YET Remarkable…



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Marc Jacobs has officially reintroduced an old era to the new one.

Partaking in the current Louis Vuitton collection will confirm that he is definitely channeling the fifties and sixties.

The circle skirts, voluptuous bust lines, super cinched waists and pointy pumps endowed with mammoth,”flat as a flounder” bows, which I LOVE!!! : – )

I can’t wait to tell my mother…She abhors anything that loops back into the fashion pool. Her words, “I don’t get excited over that…I’ve been there.” I don’t know why, but it hits a nerve every time…

But, I digress…Where was I???

Yes, all Louis Vuitton collections have a plethora of bright moments and this collection does not disappoint. My moments? The yellow crocodile bag, the dark grey fabric handbag trimmed in brown ostrich leather, the monogram Speedy bag appliqued with burned velvet and the shoes (of course)…(Dossier Dibs List for sure…)

Uh – Oh!!!….You noticed huh?!?

Okay…Okay…I admit it.

My name is Cat Baker and I’m a “BAG – AHOLIC”. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. : )


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The thought process in creating a collection that is so concise, thought provoking and futuristic must be exhausting!

But, apparently, this is an innate ability that Nicholas Ghesquiere possesses and showcases with ease.

Essentially, while viewing the collection, the attempt for me to digest all of the idiosyncratic components of each look was a feat in itself.

Of course, I wasn’t able to…(And being a fashionista that harbors a “HAWK EYE” and is a quick study, this was a surprise, but there were soooo many wonderful elements to consider…) : – )

Nevertheless, the syncing of color, fabric and textiles (shoes included) deserve a standing ovation. Everybody knows that I love a POP of color, a tinge of luminosity, anything that is pushing the envelope and exhibits an inkling of panache.

I consider the collection avant – garde, modernistic, innovative and  most importantly, wearable.

He did it again!!! LOVE!!!

Anyone feeling CHILLY? CHANEL has you covered… : – )

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At first glance, my quick reflex of thought said “Who is going to wear this?” better yet…”Where are they going to wear it?” Granted this winter season on the East coast has been HORRIFIC, but what’s the chance that it will pan out the same way next year?

Well, there’s always a possibility and Karl Lagerfeld is in the business of making sure your wardrobe is there to support you just in case you need those fur pants.

I admit, the first look (not pictured here) threw me for a loop…

The look: a model standing in a head to toe fur jumper (similar to a baby’s onesie)….The first thing I thought of??? ABOMINABLE SNOW WoMAN.

But, as the presentation ran it’s course, my conclusion was that the attention to detail is EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Pick your poison, beading, embroidery, crystal jewels, tweeds fused with fur, leather, not to mention what all these intricacies emerged as (i.e., the end result)…Hats, cloaks, jackets, sweater dresses, the grey and black cardigan coat is definitely a DOSSIER DIBS must….

Now, there are a couple of things that are on the “I’m Not Sure” list…Fur pants, Fur suit…etc. But, hey, you never know. If we get a couple of storms next year similar to this year….

I’ll be standing outside CHANEL with everyone else.


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Capes, floppy hats, jumpsuits, empire waist slacks….channeling the seventies. I LOVE it!!!

Granted there are hints of religion (in my opinion), but for me, that would be a plus not a negative. Hey, I live in New York City, so if a designer adds a little “Grace” in the inseam that can keep me safe and protected while walking down the street….I’m all for it!!! : – )

Nevertheless, there are no twists, turns or surprises. The collection is beautiful, direct,  just unadulterated FAB.

What do you expect? It’s YSL!!!


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John Galliano is known for many things in the fashion world, but one that surely tops the list is his SHOWMANSHIP!!!!

Yes, the show was over the top and not the simple, safe and cost effective look that’s been seen on the runways this season, but think about this…It’s John Galliano!!!

His presentations are salacious, whether he’s mixing various cultures staple garb or selecting one era to resurrect and showcase how he would have done it…..His collections are ALWAYS thought provoking, sultry, but certainly fun!!!

This season, it is a combination….From the crazy coifs, to the medley of color and pattern, to the SUPER chunky footwear, it is a break from the mundane and humdrum of the daily routine and recession aftershock…



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The Gareth Pugh collection is a retrospect of art based from architectural influences, Art Deco to be more specific…. The symmetry and 3 – D aesthetics are substantial and distinct.

Yes…Everything is black, but it’s the fine elements that give it that added jolt that will draw relentless rubbernecking from onlookers as you sashay down the street. (Yes…I said SASHAY!!! )

Strength seems to be the concept with an influx of chevron pattern throughout and the inclusion of chain detail toward the end, which is a sweet touch, emanates tough girl.

Think trendy biker chick strolling through the MOMA….(i.e., Museum of Modern Art)



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The Givenchy collection exemplified a statement of a confident, strong and sexy woman.

Body conscious silhouettes stormed the catwalk incorporating patterned bodysuits and peek – a – boo bodices. Accompanying these looks were luxurious fur lined coats, embellished cocktail accoutrement, tailored tuxedos and slender trousers.

The presentation was a perfect exhibition of what Givenchy is…

Chic. Sensuous. Sophisticated.

Global…Gorgeous…Jean Paul GAULTIER!!!

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We all know that Jean Paul Gaultier is a genius and he continues to illustrate his gift in the current collection.

His presentation is a class in multiculturalism. The Mexican dirdl, Russian babushka, Asian influences, African turban, prints and jewelry throughout, a multitude of Americana pieces and on and on and on…

But, all of this was an accessory to the main event…The JPG design. Trenches, knits, cool harems and the furs…



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The Manish Arora show looks absolutely out of this world….LITERALLY.

Think Cirque de Soleil with an Art Deco twist. Don’t get me wrong…I like it!

Design wise,  it’s out of the box, colorful (which I love) and fashion forward.

The majority of pieces are fleeced with beading which boggles the mind…My mind anyway… (just think how long the piece took to full completion). WOW!!!

Personally, I can’t wait until a concept hits my desk so I can make that call to their PR rep and pull for a fashion spread.

Mmmmm. FUN!!!


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The Alexander McQueen presentation was somber compared to the previous productions presented in past collections, which was not a surprise due to the circumstances.

Unfortunately, there were only a total of  sixteen looks, but the craftmanship for all is simply breathtaking. Each creation contains precise lines, beautiful ornate fabrics and unique elements that made Mr. McQueen world renowned.

An unprecedented passion for ornamentation characterized this collection, intricately embroidered cloaks, elaborate jacquard textiles and as a finale, a dress composed of gold feathers with a severe high crowning collar and a myriad of layers adorned in gold embroidered trim.


I’m truly saddened by the death of Alexander McQueen…No, I didn’t know him personally, but I was inspired by his gift. He will truly be missed.