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All jewelry armoire’s should possess one or two statement pieces that are big, bold and display bizarre bliss. (i.e., a piece that catches and holds ones attention)…

Some ideal picks are those that are eco – friendly (wood / precious stones / metals)… But even if they do not tote the “ECO” moniker, they should still be flawless, fashionable and FABulous, of course… :)

Below are jewelry designer collections that fit the bill. Peruse their sites, get an idea of what you like and feel would look great and while window shopping look for that “STATEMENT” piece that represents you.


PATRICIA VON MUSULIN – Lucite Square Bracelet –

IRADJ MOINI – Amethyst and Topaz Necklace –

CHRISTINE J. BRANDT – Purple Snow Crocus –

RUFF AND CUT – Boulder Cluster –

DVF – AFRICAN SUGAR BAG…Sweeeeeeeet!!!

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I saw this bag and it stopped me in my tracks!!! Diane has done it again…LOVE!!!


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Marisa Perry jewelry is sooooo gorgeous, not to mention versatile!!!

Located in Soho, the store carries an array of collections ranging from rowdy rocker to bold bohemian to drop dead divine.

From the most decadent diamond engagement rings, precious gemstones, crocodile leather cuffs with diamond clasps and the list goes on and on….

It’s the perfect marriage (literally and figuratively). Douglas is the coolest and designs all the pieces and Marisa is a natural force of nature, passionate for the product, she is a highly regarded businesswoman.

Rest assured, Marisa will find the perfect gift for you.


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Last year when my husband, new son and I were going on vacation, I decided that we should keep our passports together to eliminate any possibility of misplacing our legal documents. So, instead of using a rubber band, I began to search for a billfold that would do just that (hold all three passports and traveling documents…)

Well, after researching I found the PERFECT one. I knew I didn’t want black or chocolate brown (too normal), so when I came across the Baekgaard brand and the numerous color palette to choose from, it was a no brainer.

Designed to make family travel more convenient, it holds up to four passports and has a slip pocket for your itinerary or other documents.

Luckily, they have several other collections that include handbags, wallets, home and office accessories, small leather accessories and colorful gifts. It’s one stop shopping with a POP!!!