- by Cat Baker

Whether it’s the reminiscence of the fashion palette of  yesteryear or paving a new memory, BOTTEGA VENETA is one that doesn’t disappoint. Each presentation is ALWAYS an eye catching, show stopping foray of intrinsics that warrants more of the effortless beauty of each look.

This collection, inundated with hues (verts/ saffrons/ violets/ mahoganys/ vermilions), also introduced a new component to the BV portfolio…Jeans. Infused with several gradations of different washes, the inception of the daily wear for most humanoids seemed alien on this premiere runway, but they flowed with ease and fit so well…Like most jeans do.

There were also the mainstays, gorgeous gowns, cultivated tailoring and exotic skin (ostrich/ lizard/ crocodile, etc.),  intricately woven handbags in vibrant colors. GORGEOUS!!!



 - by Cat Baker

Miuccia Prada is undoubtedly a trendsetter. Similar to Coco Chanel’s “6th sense” on the world’s outlook of what’s new for next season, she invoked the 1950’s as her muse for the 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

With pleated looks leading the way, the collection raced between sexy siren and serene schoolgirl. Leather skirts tagged with various pop art, bathing suits paired with overcoats trimmed with piping that were embellished with shoulder jewels and emblazoned prints OR brocade fabrics with hints of pastels and pops of color.

The assortment screamed simplistic with a flare of seduction.



 - by Cat Baker

Through stripes, perforated suede, diaphanous fabrics and “rose colored” eyewear, the FENDI collection crested at an all time high for it’s sleek yet sharp display of ready to wear.

With looks that exhibit mitigating silhouettes which include A – line skirts, flight suit jumpers, wide leg jodhpurs, boxy jackets, etc., there is certainly a substantial amount of components that would enhance even the most conservative fashionistas (CF) closet. (Yes…The “CF” does exist!!!)

And for all you “no holds bar” fashion zealots, that like that smidgen of eclecticism in their repertoire, the amount of diverse looks are endless…apron front tops, tiered sleeved dresses, jackets with cut out shoulders, and my favorite, the striped coat dress with a five button pentagonal overlay…LOVE!!!



 - by Cat Baker

The 90th collection from the GUCCI Atelier was one that commemorated the heyday of the 1920s that included art deco nuances and the infamous flapper dress of that era. Notorious for their eye for detail, as well as the “fashion follows form and function” philosophy, the GUCCI collection will easily transcend from the runway to the everyday.

Although the lines of the garments were relaxed (squared cropped jackets, dropped hemmed dresses) and elaborated (high – waist trousers), the elements of each pieces spoke volumes to the artistry and craftsmanship that has solidified the design house as one of the preeminent designers in the world. (Past, Present and Future.)



 - by Cat Baker

Regardless of how it’s donned, the trend of the season is jewel tones. Whether vibrant or lurid, from dresses, separates and accessories, the fashionistas are introducing a POP of color to their wardrobe. These are some of our favorites:

1. LANVIN – Wrap Front Dress – AKA “The Green Goddess”…Need I say more?!?

2. MARISA PERRY – Fire Ring – Dripping with diamonds and a HUGE Amethyst stone, this one’s a keeper…

3. YVES ST. LAURENT – Medium Easy Satchel – A beautiful canary yellow leather handbag is just the right size.

4. DEREK LAM – Asymmetrical Draped Blouse – This violet, sleeveless, mock neck blouse is perfectly paired with a suit or jeans.

5. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI – Barth Multi – Color Flats – A sublime pair of flats for running errands and enhancing any look.

6. CHRISTIAN DIOR – “Tahiti” Platform – Make a statement…multi – tone platform heels all wrapped in a bow.

7. OSCAR DE LA RENTA – Crystal Bug Cuff – Accentuate your wrist with just the right amount of color and “bling”.

8. CARLOS FALCHI – Patchwork Purse – Alligator bag that doubles as a clutch and  transitions easily from day to evening.

9. ANTHROPOLOGIE – Dolce Vida Crimped Crimson Midi – Diaphanous fabric that flutters effortlessly.

10. ETRO – Electric Blue Straight Pant – Cool blue with a twist of funky fun.


 - by Cat Baker

The VMA red carpet showcased celebrities donning some of their best looks for the summer’s hottest event. The majority were primped and polished for the evening’s festivities…Others???

We respect the effort and the “just having fun” sentiment, but the mark was missed…If they were trying to make a statement, it was lost in translation…

These celebs top our list as the VMA 2011 “DREADFULLY DRESSED” list:

KATY PERRY – Singer – What exactly is she going for here??? Geisha girl??? Purple Hair

KREAYSHAWN – Rapper – There are no words…

DEENA CORTESE – Reality TV – Jersey Shore  – Really…Rainbow Bright???

NICKI MINAJ– Rapper – What in the WORLD?!? She just looks confused.


 - by Cat Baker

At the VMA’s this evening Beyoncé, AKA “Sasha Fierce”, looked absolutely STUNNING in an asymmetric Lanvin coral gown  from the current 2011 collection. Her surprise??? A bundle of joy coming in the next few months…

This will be the first child for the couple who married in 2008. Congratulations!!!



 - by Cat Baker

Last night was the Colombiana premiere and although I ADORE Zoe Saldana AND Balmain (and can’t wait to check out the movie)…sometimes two “Gorgeous” entities just don’t coagulate to pull off FAB. What’s the problem here??? Is it:

  1. The dress???
  2. Ms. Saldana??? OR…
  3. WRONG event???

My pick??? Number 3…She looks wonderful, but my opinion…Wrong place…Wrong Time. What do you think???

Update: LOVED the movie!!! A MUST SEE.



 - by Cat Baker

MOOOI creations are statement pieces that enhance the decor of any home…Regardless of the size, be it a desk clock or an eight foot lamp, each item will provide it’s unique splash to the mix.

Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, the brand is named after their native Dutch word for beautiful. Inundated with various finds for every nook of the house, the Moooi collection is just that…”COLLECTIBLES”.

GOTHIC CHAIR – Yellow trimmed with silver studding, this chair comes in an array of colors for any home pallette.

SOFT CLOCK – Silver – Also available in black and gold, the timepiece, reminiscent of a vintage find, is a perfect accessory for the desk or fireplace.

CHESS TABLE – Who wouldn’t want this pop of art in their space…White, black and memorable.

BRAVE NEW WORLD LAMP XL – Standing just above 8 feet tall, the name says it all…



 - by Cat Baker

Flouncing in a black and white Moschino look, Zooey Deschanel hit the red carpet for the “Our Idiot Brother” premiere.

I’m on the fence with this one…In some images, I LOVE the dress and all it’s details…In others, it looks like a clown costume. Could it be that her neck is not long enough to pull off the layered collar??? Maybe.

Is this a “HIT”??? Or a “QUIT”???


 - by Cat Baker

For the little “Monsters” that live and breathe all things GAGA, this will certainly brighten your day!!!

The Holiday 2011 campaign for Barneys New York will showcase the Lady herself in an installation designated “GAGA’S WORKSHOP”. The collaboration includes Lady GAGA, Nicola Formichetti (LOVE him), the infamous fashion stylist and current Mugler creative director and artists duo (Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson)  from AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus).

Similar to the advertising artwork created for the project, the exclusive gift items, will be just as eclectic and utopian.  An entire floor will house GAGA’S WORKSHOP at the flagship store from November through January 2nd. There will also be various items found at other Barneys New York locales and their company website.

Additionally, in true philanthropic Lady GAGA fashion, Barneys New York will donate 25% of sales from all items featured in GAGA’S WORKSHOP to a charity of her choice.

The Queen “Monster” & Barneys New York??? I foresee lines around the block…’TIS THE SEASON!!!



OH, MI – SS – OHHH – NI!!!

 - by Cat Baker

WE LOVE IT LONG TIME!!! Yes…Countdown!!! All that ADORE anything Missoni, as I do, should “Save The Date”…September 13th is the debut of the Missoni for Target collaboration. (Aaaahhh!!!) Do you hear that??? The clouds just parted, the sun’s rays peeked through and the choir sang….(Aaaahhh!!!)…You heard it that time right?!?

Yes, the collection contains 400 pieces, from women, men and children’s wear to house decor (tableware, blankets, throw pillows, furniture) to luggage, makeup bags, hair accessories, stationary and a BIKE!!! The list goes on and on….

With the advertising campaign showcasing the heir to the throne, Margherita Missoni, granddaughter of the founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the brand will certainly attract the fashionistas in training and succeed in obtaining new “FAN”atics for the design house.

Now, if we compared this collection to all of the previous designer collaborations, could any of the other’s hold a candle to this one??? Dare I say it…NO. Is this the best one yet??? YES…Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased, being that Missoni is one of my most favorite designers, but I believe most of you would agree.

Either way…I’ll see you there!!!



“IT’S ‘ZOE’ MAJ!!!”

 - by Cat Baker

Today, I FINALLY had a chance to slip into Bergdorf’s for a glimpse of the new Rachel Zoe Collection that debuted on August 1st.

With a primo location centered at the elevators on the fifth floor, I expected to see racks and racks of her Autumn wears for work and play, but to my dismay…I couldn’t find it!!! I asked a couple of sales associates and they both directed me to the same location…No problem, I’ll check again…And again…No luck.

After inquiring once more,  the mystery was solved…I was escorted to an empty rack…Okay, okay…it had 6 pieces, which equates to empty for me…But, I digress…I realized this was why I couldn’t find the collection, IT WAS SOLD OUT!!!

Granted, I had previewed the looks online, but since I’m a “hands on” type of person, I wanted to SEE and get a feel for them in full color. Nevertheless, the few pieces that were available are stellar!!!

The designs are a compilation of  70’s era reminiscence and current trends, including the Diane blouson metallic maxi dress – LOVE… The camel military jacket fabricated with medium weight felt and her deluxe dark skinny denim w/ inseam zippers. And, don’t get me started on the handbags and shoes!!! The “Brigitte” Fringe??? A “MUST HAVE” on my list – and Of course, it’s on backorder…Who knows how long I’ll have to wait. Uggghhh!!! Sorry, I’m digressing again…

Is the collection a sure fire winner??? Hey the proof is evident…It’s ALL GONE right…BRAVO!!!




 - by Cat Baker

Have you ever missed your spa, brow or nail appointment due to hectic schedules??? I’m sure many of you have worked later to get the jump on the next day or was overwhelmed with your child’s itinerary, which kicked your pamper plans right out the door…

Unfortunately, this happens to me pretty consistently…Luckily, I have a few suggestions to keep your unibrow at bay, along with other basic tweaks for feet, nails and skin:

CLARISONIC – When you just can’t seem to keep your facial appointment, this is a great addition to your beauty war chest that keeps your face clean, clear and looking fresh.

BURT’S BEES – Vitamin “E” is known to fight wrinkles and maintain soft, supple skin.

TWEEZERMAN – Normally, my form of brow maintenance is “Threading” – yes I LOVE it!!! But, when I can’t get to Myra (my brow guru), I make sure my Tweezerman is up to par and ready to go…

REVLON – Expert Effect All Around Pumice Stone – Similar to it’s shape, this beauty tool is great to have all year round, yes, it does the same as any other, but the ergonomic shape and grip should allow for a quicker AND easier home pedicure.

ARM & HAMMER – Baking Soda is most popular for its power in the refrigerator, toothpaste and the occasional baking ingredient, but in my household, it also gets praise for its gentle addition as a body scrub in the shower. Just add to your shower gel and scrub away the dirt and stress from an overbearing day.

LEMONS – When you’ve chipped your favorite nail polish and can’t find the same color in the store, if you opt to remove and wear clean nails before your next appointment, place your nail beds into some fresh squeezed fresh lemon juice. This will brighten your nails from top to bottom.